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Global Investments Incorporated: why the US buy-to-let market is the place to invest in 2020?

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Despite fears surrounding recent world events, confidence in the US property market is growing and cities like Cleveland are generating healthy returns for investors, according to the experts at Global Investments Incorporated.

It would be fair to say that the commercial property market is facing something of an uncertain period. While many businesses are bouncing back from Coronavirus lockdowns and heading back to the office, there’s no doubt that remote working will grow as a trend over years to come. But for those who’ve invested in residential property there’s no such fear in the current climate. In fact, enjoying the benefits of the right home for the new work–life balance has become more important than ever. That’s the view of the team at Global Investments Incorporated – one of the leading US buy-to-let specialists.

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This applies for both homeowners and those in tenanted properties. And Global Investments Incorporated are not alone in their assessment. In a recent Wall Street Journal article published in June titled Cleveland is a house-flipping hotspot, and Covid adds fuel, it was explained how property investors are flocking to emerging inland markets in the USA as renters look for more spacious suburban properties.

Why buy-to-let?

Investing in property has long been a reliable and lucrative source of investment. And in areas like Cleveland, as well as Baltimore, St Louis and Detroit, there is money to be made in markets that are not only finding their feet again after the last recession, but are rapidly growing thanks to heavy investment and the presence of robust industries with big-name employers.

A thriving job market should be a key consideration for investors right now. And while the impact of Covid-19 has undoubtedly caused unemployment to increase in many parts of the country, choosing to invest now in areas with a more positive outlook can help to ensure substantial rewards in years to come.

Mastering buy-to-let does, of course, require careful planning, good research and solid advice. And that’s what a team like Global Investments Incorporated can offer. Consider the affordability and desirability of different areas; do these markets fall in line with the trends of the type of tenants you want to attract?

Knowing who to turn to and where to get clear, reliable advice is crucial when considering any investment and investors should never be afraid to ask for help.

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