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GTlot Review – The Answer to Your Trading Needs

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In the last decade, a number of trends have come to light and one of the most popular ones is none other than online trading. More and more people are stepping into this world because it gives them the opportunity to generate high profits and accomplish this goal with minimal investment. Who doesn’t want that? In today’s tough economic situations and constantly increasing inflation, being able to earn a substantial income without investing a massive amount of money is undoubtedly impressive. How can you do this through the trading market? Put simply, people have access to thousands of financial instruments that can be bought and sold for profit.

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There is no shortage of success stories when it comes to the trading world as a number of traders were able to turn their few hundred dollars into millions by investing them in the right trading instruments. Hence, trading provides people the chance to achieve their financial goals and do it in a much shorter span of time than it would take otherwise. While the perks of trading cannot be denied, it is also essential to understand that there are some risks, especially if you don’t make the right decisions. The most important decision that an aspiring trader has to make is that of a broker.

Finding a brokerage is crucial to begin trading because they will give you the tools, platform and resources for investing in the various financial instruments. You cannot just start this on your own. Searching for a broker is not that difficult because you can do it in the same way as you search for anything else on the internet; Google. It will not take long for you to discover that the market has a ton of brokers and each of them are offering you their services. The popularity of online trading has prompted an increase in the establishment of brokerage firms as well.

Having options to choose from is definitely reassuring, but it can also be overwhelming because it causes a great deal of confusion. Moreover, this has provided the perfect opportunity to scammers and frauds to venture into the market in order to con people. Unregulated, shady and fake brokerages are set up by these cybercriminals and they deliberately come up with offerings that can be difficult to resist due to which they end up scamming a lot of people. The number of such scams has increased significantly, particularly after the interest in cryptocurrency trading.

Cryptocurrencies, by nature, are unregulated, which has given scammers another avenue to exploit people. No one wants to fall into this trap and the best way to ensure it doesn’t happen is to exercise caution and do your due diligence when you are looking for a broker. There are scam and shady brokers out there, but not all of them are cut from the same cloth. The market wouldn’t have expanded had there been no trustworthy and dependable brokers in the market. You can find some very solid options and they have become renowned for their superb trading conditions and exceptional and well-rounded services that can facilitate traders from different backgrounds.

GTlot is a broker that falls into this category. If you take a look at this broker, you will discover that they are a new firm, as compared to some of the other brokers in the market. This would explain why some people may not be comfortable in signing up with them. But, once you go through their offerings, it doesn’t take long to realize that GTlot is unlike the unregulated and unreliable brokers in the market. The broker has its head offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands and yet, it has designed its services to facilitate international clients and is offering them a robust and optimal trading environment.

If you are still uncertain of what to expect from GTlot, you can take a look at their features and assess them thoroughly to make up your mind. One common sign of a scam broker is that they will not be upfront about their offerings and you will not find any clear information about their services. In most cases, they make really tall claims, but are unable to back them up or their statements turn out to be contradictory. GTlot has chosen not to be vague about their services because they want to gain the trust of their clients. The best way to assess them is to take a look at every important feature of the brokerage. Read on to know what they are:

  • Tradeable Products; Lots of variety

While you have read tons of success stories about people making it big thanks to trading, there are also stories of people who lost thousands of dollars because they made mistakes. The risks are inherent in trading and cannot be eliminated fully, but you can take steps to minimize them as much as possible. One of the best strategies for this purpose is diversification. Starting out by trading one instrument seems sensible for the short term, until you have learnt the ropes. However, it is best to add other instruments to your investment portfolio as well. In this way, even if one instrument goes down and you suffer a loss, the profit from another one going up or staying stable will make up for it.

This is exactly what diversification teaches you; spread your capital over instruments from different markets to minimize your risks. But, it is only possible if you find a broker that gives you access to such a variety. GTlot will definitely appeal to you in this regard because the broker offers its clients a wide range of tradeable products. There is a common misconception about GTlot that it is only supporting crypto trading, but this is not true. The broker has put in a lot of effort to provide its clientele with the opportunity to invest in numerous trading products.

Yes, GTlot does offer cryptocurrencies and, in fact, are offering a horde of crypto coins that you will not find on many other platforms, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have other options available. If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, the broker gives you the choice of investing in some prominent ones like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Monero, Ethereum and NEM, amongst others. In case you don’t want to start out with crypto, you can try your luck with forex currencies. GTlot offers both major and minor currency pairs for your convenience, along with stocks of some of the top companies in the world. You can also choose from soft and hard commodities and even try your hand at indices, if you don’t want to trade stocks.

The availability of such a massive number of tradeable products gives traders the opportunity of diversifying their investment as much as possible, which can help in earning maximum profits.

  • Security Protocols; Detailed and Thorough

The asset index of a broker might be a great reason to sign up for their services, but you shouldn’t base your entire decision on that factor alone. As a matter of fact, in today’s environment, there is a completely different factor that’s gaining importance, which is none other than security. As mentioned earlier, the trading market had its fair share of scams, but with the rise of cryptocurrencies, hey are running rampant throughout the market. There have been a drastic rise in breaches that involve people having their sensitive data compromised by hackers or their funds being stolen by scammers.

A number of brokers have also been hacked and when their system is compromised, it means that all their clients become vulnerable. These are some of the risks that are part of the trading process and the only way to deal with them is to look for a broker that can offer you a secure trading environment. Their security policies and infrastructure should be strong and capable enough for dealing with any kind of cyber-attack. If a broker doesn’t pay attention to this aspect, then you should not choose their services because they will be deliberately putting you at risk. After all, everyone operating in the trading market is aware of these issues.

GTlot is also fully aware of these security concerns and has not taken them lightly because its aim is to provide its clients with complete and utter peace of mind when using their services for their trading needs. They have established proper security protocols that are aimed at combating the risks that traders have to face when they sign up with a broker. To start with, GTlot complies with international regulations for maintaining fund security, which is accomplished through customer accounts’ segregation. This means that they maintain separate accounts of the brokerage and its clients.

The latter’s funds cannot be used for the former’s operations or expenses, thereby preventing any discrepancies. The money is kept in separate accounts with the most secure banks, which means that even if GTlot files for bankruptcy, its clients will receive their funds as separate accounts are maintained. For protecting personal information that’s accumulated by the broker during the registration and sign up process, the broker has implemented the highest standards of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. As soon as data is entered on their platform, it is encrypted immediately to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

The security protocols certainly don’t end here; GTlot also complies with the internationally-recognized KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies. These have been developed to ensure that every profile created on a broker’s trading platform is a legitimate one. Scammers can be kept out in this way and criminals cannot use their services for conducting illegal activities. According to the rules of the KYC policy, some documentation has to be submitted by traders for providing proof of identity and residence. For the former, they have to provide a government-issued form of ID like a national ID card, a driver’s license or a passport.

For the latter, traders are asked to submit a document like a utility bill or bank statement that highlights their full name and address. You can use any utility bill, as long as it is less than three months old. As far as AML is concerned, it doesn’t allow traders to use any third-party accounts for making their deposits or withdrawals with the broker. They are only allowed to use accounts in their own name, which should match with the details on your ID card. Moreover, it also asks traders to use the same method for both deposits and withdrawals, a measure aimed at preventing financial crimes like money laundering from being conducted.

When you put these security protocols together, it is easy to see that GTlot doesn’t take the matter lightly and has done everything in its power to protect their clients’ funds and information.

  • Trading Platform; Robust and Advanced

There is no doubt that a broker’s security aspects and asset index are important features, but your decision can never be a good one if you don’t take their trading platform into account. If you don’t take this extremely vital feature into account when choosing a broker, you might end up regretting your choice later on. This is due to the fact that some brokers have trading platforms that are tough to use due to a huge learning curve, lack in features or are not well-designed, thereby having a negative impact on your trading experience. There have been incidents about trading platforms not being secure enough, of crashing every now and then, or simply lacking in terms of the tools needed for better and smarter decisions. No trader wants to have such an experience and the best way to avoid it is to assess the platform before you go ahead and sign up with the broker.

You have to do the same when it comes to GTlot and it will not take you long to ascertain that the broker has spent a great deal of time in developing their trading platform. Their efforts are quite evident when you take a close look at their trading solution. The proprietary trading platform of the broker is web-based, which means that you can access it through their website instead of dealing with the hassle of downloading or installing it on any device. In this way, it provides cross-device functionality to the user because they can access it on any device that supports a web browser and an internet connection. You can use their trading platform on your laptop, desktop PC or your mobile device, whichever is convenient for you.

Just because it is web-based doesn’t mean that the trading platform is any less powerful than others. GTlot understands that a trading platform’s performance can have a big impact on a trader’s experience and so they have incorporated state-of-the-art technology for designing it. But, the most impressive thing about the trading platform is that despite the use of advanced technology, it boasts a user-friendly interface that doesn’t involve a huge learning curve. Both beginner traders and experienced ones will have no problem in navigating the trading platform because it doesn’t have any such complexities.

With GTlot’s trading platform, you will be able to trade a wide array of instruments and take advantage of a horde of tools that have been integrated within it. You will find advanced charting tools that can be used for keeping track of market movements and predicting the latest trends. As a matter of fact, GTlot allows its customers to use the charts for trading directly. Along with this functionality, traders will also be able to keep up with the latest market news that can help them in making more informed trading decisions.

Along with this option, GTlot has also introduced a mobile app for the convenience of its clientele. They are available for iOS and Android powered devices and can be downloaded in a couple of minutes. The broker’s mobile apps are also advanced and deliver a smooth trading experience to the users. They are equipped with numerous trading tools that can come in handy for the traders and allow people to trade on the move without any fuss. No matter where you are or what time it is, you can access your trading account and open and close positions easily.

  • Registration; No Lengthy Procedures

Signing up with a broker means that you have to register with them and there have been a ton of complaints regarding this process. Traders have complained that they have to fill an unnecessary number of forms that ask for a lot of information that’s not even needed. Some brokers even make their clients sign contracts. Overall, it can cause plenty of frustration and even prompts traders to abandon the process midway because they don’t see any point in dealing with the formalities. In addition, when you are asked to provide excessive information, it is definitely a warning sign because any legitimate broker would never do that.

To avail a broker’s trading services, you only need to share some very basic details with them and anything beyond that is a red flag. GTlot is aware of the annoyance that traders face and so registering with them doesn’t involve any lengthy procedure. As a matter of fact, their registration process is extremely quick and doesn’t take you more than a few minutes to get it over with. To start it, you have to go to their website and fill out the form you will find there. Once you have completed the form, your account will be created and you will be able to move forward with trading. The form only asks for some basic and relevant information, so there is no need to be concerned.

The form will ask you to provide your first and last name, along with your country of residence, phone number and an email address. You will also have to choose a password for your account and the currency you wish to use for trading purposes. GTlot is currently offering two cryptocurrencies to its clients, which are USDT and BTC and you have to decide which one you are comfortable with. Make sure you are at least 18 or above to go through and also check their Terms and Conditions before agreeing to them. As soon as this is done, your account will be made and there is no approval process involved.

  • Customer Support; Multiple Channels Available

Whether you are new to the world of trading or have been around for some time, there will be queries and concerns that will spring up while you trade. At this point, you will think about engaging with the customer support provided by a broker. Even though there are hundreds of brokers in the market, only a handful of them have paid attention to this aspect while others are severely lacking in it. GTlot is aware that customer support can make or break a business and their reputation. Since their aim is to be achieve 100% customer satisfaction, they have not shirked away from their responsibility of providing assistance when required.

You can use multiple channels for contacting the customer support representatives of the broker. GTlot gives its traders the option of filling out an online contact form for sending them an email at the addressed provided on the website. If there are any urgent problems, the broker has also added a phone number on their website that can be used for reaching the agents right away. Moreover, you can even schedule a callback at your convenience. The representatives will not provide you with vague answers that don’t really help. They are knowledgeable and friendly and will come up with a step-by-step resolution for your problems.

Bottom Line

There is no doubt that GTlot’s offerings will leave a mark on anyone who takes a look at the broker. They offer convenient banking, extensive educational resources and profitable trading conditions. You can earn 200% returns on your investment with the broker, achieving your financial goals without any hassle.

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