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7 Delightful and Productive Things To Do During The Pandemic

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With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all of us are home quarantined for
our health safety. Unlike before, where we can have our daily workout in the gym, or we
can have our daily walk with our dog in the morning, we are now restricted to staying safe
at home to prevent being infected.

Nonetheless, that does not mean that the fun is all gone. Yes, we may have to cancel some
of our plans, but we can always create new ones that involve delightful yet productive
activities that can be done under the roof of our home. That may sound impossible
because we grow to associate fun to the outside world, but it is, in truth, plausible. We just
have to explore new things at home, such as the following:

Do a General House Cleaning

With more time to spend at home because of the quarantine, you can explore all the
corners of your house, do some deep cleaning and dusting, and make some rearrangement of furniture and home decors for a new and fresh sight. These may sound tiresome, but the prospect of living in a clean and decent home always pays the price.

When cleaning, make sure that you have taken care of all sides and angles of the house.
Remove all the stuff when dusting every corner and surface, including the carpet, as it is
the dustiest part of the living room. “If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning Peterborough has to offer, contact them today”

Also, use the right home cleaning equipment to make the cleaning more manageable, and
to have a very satisfying result. To make this general house cleaning fun, add some upbeat
music as the “sugar to your bitter pill.”; And you will see yourself dancing your way through the task.

Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

Play With Your Kids

This pandemic has allowed you to make up for the time you missed in your children’s
lives. Reconnect by playing board games and other fun activities with them. Have a chit
chat with them over snacks, and help them realize their full potential by exposing them to
different fields of passion such as music, arts, dance, literature, etc.

Grow Some Plants

Test your green hands by growing some plants and flowers at your place. If you already
have a garden at home, make improvements by pulling out all the weeds that are growing
near your plants. You can also decorate your pots by cleaning and painting them with
artistic and fun colors.

But if you do not have a spacious place for a garden, you can still cultivate new plants that
can grow indoors. These plants are called houseplants, and they are good at purifying the
air in your home. Growing some plants can also alleviate your stress and anxiety. And
thus, this activity is one of the best ways to spend the time during the quarantine.

Bake Some Cookies

If you want to have yourself distracted from the negative thoughts that are hovering above
you during this pandemic, you should try learning how to bake cookies and other snacks.
Baking is said to be a good distraction as it requires an all-out focus to prepare. The sweet
aromatic smell of the freshly-baked cookies also has relaxing effects on our minds.

DIY Home Exercise

Most of the establishments, including physical fitness gyms, are closed because of the
pandemic. So, you have to create a new set of workout routines that are doable at home
to keep you healthy. Start by installing a fitness tracking app on your phone to keep you
guided, and work your shape by doing some push-ups, curl-ups, flanking, etc.

Explore Arts

Ease your boredom at home by indulging yourself to different forms of art: try reading
books to expand your imagination; make some artworks by learning how to paint and
sketch; move your body through dancing; exercise your voice by singing your lungs out, or
learn how to play musical instruments. These things are enjoyable and fun to do.

Play With Your Pet

Since you are not allowed to go out and have your morning walk with your dog, you
should make a new way to get your pet an exercise. Use some of your free time to have fun with them. There are a lot of delightful ways to make your dog happy while at home.
These ways include playing fetch, trick training, and playing hide-and-seek with them.


This pandemic should not be a hindrance for you to have fun, and at the same time, to be
productive. Do not let the complication of this pandemic get into you and stress you out.
Ease and distract yourself by spending your free time doing some of these activities. And
needless to say, you will have a good and remarkable home quarantine.

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