Dog owner blasts “a****holes” who left beauty spot covered in broken glass after pup slashes paw open -Scottish News


A DOG owner has slammed selfish tourists who left a popular beauty spot littered with broken glass after his pup slashed her paw open on the debris.

Ryan Gelson from Crook, County Durham, shared heartbreaking photos showing the bloodied paw of rescue Lurcher Ethel following the accident on Sunday.

The 28-year-old was completing the North Coast 500 with his partner Jessica Griffiths, 34, when their pooch stumbled across the glass near edge of Loch Lubhair in
Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park.

Ethel-Scottish News
Ethel following the accident

The photo shows Ethel’s leg covered in blood with a painful gash in her paw.

Another taken after shows her lying forlornly dressed in pyjamas, with her wound bandaged up.

A furious Ryan took to social media to blast the litterbugs, saying: “Not to be a buzz kill, but today I’ve experienced exactly why all the locals are so against the tourists in the area atm.

“First day of our Scotland holiday, and on 3 separate occasions in 1 day we have had to shoo our dogs away from piles of human excrement along walking paths surrounding the loch we were walking.

Ethel's wound-Scottish News
Ethels leg with blood pouring from the wound

“Then one of the dogs walked down the water’s edge to get a drink, and some kind person has broken multiple glass bottles.

All in 10 out of 10 for humankind being pure a****holes.

“Aside from that, beautiful scenery.”

His post has infuriated other social media users.

Shaun Gretton wrote: “People have no self discipline, why can’t folk just leave things how they came across it.”

Michael Collier added: “It’s the same old story, a few odd inconsiderable people spoiling it for the rest.”

And Su King wrote: “Hope your pooch is okay, so sad that the minority ruin it for the majority.”

Speaking today, Ryan said the incident has forced them to rearrange their holiday plans as Ethel is still struggling.

Facebook post- Scottish News
One social media user expressed their views

He explained: “She can’t walk properly on the foot and had to be carried for parts of our short walk today.

“She’s only young and usually the sort to be running wild through the woods.

“We’ve adjusted our itinerary so it is more of a driving/photography holiday than some of the big hikes we’d had planned originally.

“Thankfully my partner has basic dog first aid training and we never travel without a full first aid kit.

“The wound has been flushed, cleaned and dressed. With the dressing changed twice due to the volume of blood.

“It has now stopped bleeding and with rest she should recover in a couple of weeks.”