“Should’ve gone to Specsavers!” Comedian Janey Godley tries to rescue hedgehog from road before realising it is part of bobble hat


COMEDIAN Janey Godley has been left red-faced after trying to rescue a hedgehog from a busy road – only to realise it was a bobble from someone’s hat.

The 59-year-old comic shared a hilarious photo apparently showing the “poor wee” creature stuck on Great Western Road, Glasgow.

However, a closer inspection revealed that the stricken animal was in fact just a fluffy pompom.

The image shows the furry, brown item surrounded by cigarette butts in the  middle of the pavement.

Bobblehat mistaken for Hedgehog
Comedian Janey Godley reveals she mistakenly thought the top of a bobble hat was a Hedgehog she tried to rescue (C) Janey Godley

From a distance, it has the appearance of a hedgehog curled up in a ball.

Luckily, Janey saw the humour in the situation and took to Twitter to share it with her 197,000 followers.

Writing yesterday, the Scots comic said: “Poor wee lost hedgehog on Great Western Road.

“Turns out I was trying to rescue a bobble off a hat.”

The post, which racked up more than 6,000 likes, had social media users in stitches over Godley’s “Specsavers moment”.

The location of her attempted rescue on Great Western Road
Scots Comic Janey Godley went viral after sharing how she mistook a bobble hat for a Hedgehog and patted it in in her rescue (C) Janey Godley

@Cardsofbooty wrote: “As usual Janey – you win Twitter for making me roar with laughter today!”

Annie Byard addedd: ”That’s fecking brilliant, well done you for your kind heart.”

Ross McGlashan joked: “That’s clearly an Arctic Haggis. It’s rare to catch them showing the winter plumage, well done.”

Anne Marie Smith added: “Should have gone to Spec Savers.”

Janey Godley Twitter post
The comedian was told by her followers she should have went to Specsavers to spare the bobble hat rescue (C) Janey Godley

And Chris Dorrel replied: “Lol, still extremely honourable.”

Award-winning Godley has seen her popularity soar over the last few months, thanks to her much-loved voiceovers of the Scottish Government’s coronavirus briefings.

Last Thursday, she produced a hilarious sketch reacting “as Nicola Sturgeon” to Scotland’s historic Euros qualification.