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Why Learning a New Language May Be the Key to Success After the COVID-19 Pandemic


As COVID-19 case numbers begin rising again in countries across the globe, many individuals are bracing themselves for another round of lockdowns and layoffs. Due to the way the unemployment levels have skyrocketed at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are hoping to use their spare time to better their skill sets. In reality, most businesses will never return to normal. This time of year is typically filled with festivities and parties, but many are not able to take place due to restrictions on gatherings. With an increased amount of spare time, use your energy to better yourself for the future. In this article, we will share why learning a new language may be the key to success in a post-pandemic world.

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1. Versatility

Learning to speak a new language unlocks several opportunities. When you can speak in a different tongue, you can tutor students and adults that are trying to learn English. In addition, you could work for a global company as a translator or transcriber. Many companies are fighting to find individuals that are fluent in multiple different dialects.

2. The Market Is Competitive

Since few specialists have the ability to speak smoothly in multiple languages, their skills are fought over. Most large corporations need a variety of people on staff who can speak English, Spanish, French, German, Mandarin, and more. Since the international atmosphere of corporations continues to expand and grow, the services of translators and excellent communicators are prioritized. If you are competing for a job against a person who cannot speak in multiple dialects, you have an increased opportunity to secure a job.

3. It Is Expandable

When you develop a baseline for success and gain relevant experience, you will be able to expand throughout countless opportunities. From having the chance to travel to different countries to hosting conferences where your services are prioritized, it feels exciting to have the expertise needed to help global businesses succeed. As you begin learning a new language, the potential to continue growing your expertise and knowledge is endless.

4. It May Be Funded By an Employer

Some employers are in such dire need of bilingual staff members that they are willing to pay for extra educational opportunities for qualified individuals. Consider asking an adviser if they would be willing to fund a Spanish Course that will help further your education and skill. When your employer sees that you are working diligently to be an asset on their team, they will be happy to help you reach your goals.


Being a bilingual individual can expand your opportunities incrementally. Instead of spending time twiddling your thumbs, competing against more advanced applicants, and overthinking the second round of lockdowns, take your skills up a notch with international courses and lessons. These skills are competitive, versatile, and expandable. Your ability to grow both professionally and financially is exponentially increased when you have this skill set in your back pocket.