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Catering team receives stamp of approval for 8th year

A catering team from the University of Edinburgh has been awarded its 8th sustainable food recognition award.

The Accommodation, Catering and Events team from the university has picked up another bronze ‘Food For Life Served Here’ award, branding its consistent effort from 2013 towards providing healthy and sustainable menus.

Catering to 2,000 students in catered halls daily and producing over 100,000 meals a year, the award is a testament to the continuous efforts made towards serving ethically sourced ingredients and produce.

Soil Association, the charity behind the Food For Life Served Here programme, recognise a bronze award when catering teams guarantee three key quality standards; the environment, the local economy, and the health benefits for pupils and students.

This includes a pledge that a minimum of 75% of dishes are prepared from unprocessed ingredients and that cultural and dietary needs are catered for. While also making the most of seasonal produce, as well as ingredients being sustainably sourced and free from trans fats and additives.

Sue Howlett, Inspector – Food for Life Scotland, said: “We’re thrilled to certify the University of Edinburgh to the Bronze Food for Life Served Here award.

“During my inspection, I was impressed to find that the catering team source local produce via reputable, direct Scottish suppliers, with high standards – providing a positive boost to the local economy.

“They also serve a wide range of sustainable fish on the menu, and an excellent range of seasonal veg – again, sourced locally where possible. Sustainable choices are a key part of the Food for Life Served Here certification – and the University of Edinburgh has strongly demonstrated this ethos in practice.

“Congratulations to the University of Edinburgh – we’re pleased to be working with you!”

Ian Macaulay, Director of Catering at the University of Edinburgh said: “The team is absolutely delighted to have met the standard again in our annual renewal of the Food For Life Served Here award for all meals served to students in catered halls”

“It’s been a really difficult year and this achievement shows that we are still fully committed to keeping our accreditations and awards as part of the Good Food Policy and providing students with healthy, sustainable, and quality food.

“University managed accommodation creates a sense of reassurance for new students, and we are taking that extra step in being transparent about where our ingredients come from and what produce we use, thus helping our students trust our team, and feel at ease.”

 The catering team assure that no endangered fish are served, and genetically modified ingredients are not used, ensuring that all the meals served meet UK welfare standards and Scottish Government Nutritional Requirements.

The University of Edinburgh Accommodation, Catering and Events team support the residential welfare of 10,000 students.

One of the University managed accommodation, Pollock Halls, provides students the option of picking catered accommodation, making a stressful transition that bit easier.

With round-the-clock student support, through its Residence Life welfare initiative and flexible leases, the university is working towards helping students amidst these uncertain times.

For more information on The University of Edinburgh Accommodation, Catering and Events, please visit the website https://www.accom.ed.ac.uk/ or follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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