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UncategorizedMaximise Your Remote Employee Engagement with Functional Pre-Prepared Presentations

Maximise Your Remote Employee Engagement with Functional Pre-Prepared Presentations

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For many companies around the world, the challenge of embracing digital transformation and to keep a remote workforce functional, communicative, and engaged at all times can be difficult. Collaboration is an essential component of any functional business, so it’s important for managers to get it right first time. 

The solution to this issue lies in how best to communicate information to your remote employees. Whilst presentations within office environments could be managed internally with physical presenters engaging on a personal level with participants, this luxury may not be possible in an age where some employees never actually meet their employers, let alone actively discuss roles, tasks, or business performance. 

(Image: The Manifest)

In a recent survey, The Manifest found that employee engagement was a leading concern among small business owners and managers, whilst related matters like managing retention rates and sourcing candidates also ranked highly. 

This points to the necessity of managing employee engagement throughout their role within the business, and is an issue that can be best managed through combining available conferencing software with attention-grabbing presentations. 

Fortunately, for managers who may feel as though they’re at a loose end when it comes to creating the right type of presentation for employees, Powered Template offers a rich array of presentations that are designed for businesses to use and shape however they see fit. 

Utilising Presentation Templates to Reach Employees

Collaboration apps like Zoom have made it straightforward for managers to screen share presentations to their teams, but it’s far less easy to monitor how much their slides are resonating with their target audience. 

Whilst it can be extremely time consuming to build your own presentations that are rich in visualisations, graphs, and features, platforms like Powered Template makes it simple to download expertly designed presentation templates for a number of different platforms. 

Powered Template’s selection of pre-designed presentation slides can be easily navigated using the vast intuitive menu system within the platform. For businesses and individuals alike, the range of options is strong, with almost 30,000 free and premium presentation templates available to choose. 

As we can see from the image above, each option clearly specifies whether it requires a subscription to use, whilst we can also see a helpful user rating system to allow the most popular templates to be more actively visible. 

One of the biggest perks of Powered Template is its filter system that updates results in real-time. This allows users to add and remove options as they see fit to broaden or refine their preferred criteria. With live numbers accompanying each option, it’s possible to whittle down search results to just a few templates, or to pick the website’s most popular multi-use slides for repurposing. 

As every download, free or premium, is 100% editable for users, it’s possible to take even the most heavily downloaded options and to completely alter pagination and slide appearance to make a truly unique presentation for employees. 

For the benefit of highlighting the potential that Powered Template’s selection of slides hold for remote employers, we’ve narrowed the search down to templates that are compatible with PowerPoint, features 3D components, fits into the ‘business models’ category, and that contains organisational charts. 

Let’s now take a look at a simple free option available that ranks highly among users. With a 4.5 star rating amassed from 800 reviews, we know that this ‘road way’ infographic is a popular addition for business-themed slides and is likely used by managers as an option for adding road map visualisations into presentations. 

Whilst it could take some time and skill to build such a visualisation in PowerPoint manually, this particular option is completely free to use – without the need for an account. 

The beauty of Powered Template is that it gives users the option to download many of its templates entirely for free – albeit with a visible attribution added to the content itself. 

In the example above, it’s clear that this road map can be used in accompaniment to another set of pre-prepared slides, and that account holders can gain a far more widespread selection of templates to pull together engaging presentations with relative ease. 

Finally, users will be given the option to download the file in one of the compatible formats offered. In this case, it’s possible to download the file as a PowerPoint or Google Slides template. 

For those interested in accessing a more comprehensive range of resources, Powered Template offers a wide range of pricing plans to suit all kinds of needs. Prices for subscriptions start at $19 per month, in which subscribers can download up to 100 templates during the timeframe. However, there’s also an on-demand option for more infrequent users, which offers the chance to buy a predetermined number of templates over the course of a year – starting at $24.95 for 10 downloads over a 12-month timeframe. 

As the world becomes increasingly digital, it can be difficult for managers to connect with their teams in the same way as before. However, Powered Template’s rich array of both free and premium templates enables remote presentations to be just as effective, engaging, and impactful as ever. 

In an age where it pays to communicate data efficiently, well-crafted presentations still remain the very best way to communicate with a distributed workforce.

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