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Partner PostsJoseph Ashford Brings Passion to Corporate Investments and Charitable Endeavours

Joseph Ashford Brings Passion to Corporate Investments and Charitable Endeavours

Joseph Ashford does not hide the fact that he had a difficult childhood and early adult life. Although the loss of his father, mother, and sister as a young adult brought him to the depths of grief, he felt determined not to let the tragedies define him. Instead, he chose to let the adversity he faced change him for the better.

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To this day, Ashford feels that the multiple close losses he suffered made him a more compassionate person and developed his character. He knows how to appreciate the small things in life because he has learned they are not so small at all once the moment is gone forever.

The Early Career Adventures of Joseph Ashford               

Like many young people, Ashford did not start out knowing exactly what he wanted to do for a career. He worked in many unique industries, several of which exposed him to what he felt was the intriguing world of corporate financial investments. He used these opportunities to create scalable solutions for the small businesses that employed him. The organisations he worked for reached the next level of growth thanks to his input.

The desire to help others is a theme that kept appearing in Joseph Ashford’s early life and career. He eventually channelled that need to impact others in a big and positive way into creating K4 Global, a start-up organisation in Bournemouth, United Kingdom that offers everything from capital investment structures for clients to property development to bespoke healthcare offerings. Corporate clients that have chosen to partner with K4 Global have benefited from the enormous passion and talent of Ashford and his team.

How Joseph Ashford Taps His Personal Passion to Hire the Best Team Members

People who have observed Ashford on the job have commented that he seems to have an almost innate ability to locate and recruit those who have the same level of drive and passion that he does. Once he brings them onboard, Joseph Ashford invests in them as people and nurtures and inspires them to create new investment opportunities for K4 Global’s clients.

After onboarding team members that he hand-picked himself, Ashford meets regularly with each one to stress the importance of their work and how it ties into the company vision. He plays up their strengths and motivates his team to approach every action they take with a deep sense of personal conviction and the upmost professionalism.

Ashford chooses individuals for their personal strengths but also understands that they will work as a group most of the time. While always showing appreciation for the skills, experience, and worldview that each person brings to the table, he is quick to emphasize the importance of teamwork. The payoff is that each person contributes their best effort and the entire team shines because of it.

What Does Joseph Ashford Look for When Investing in a Company?

K4 Global is in the business of investing or buying other businesses. Before Ashford closes a deal, he spends significant time studying organisational culture. He is particularly interested in knowing whether the current employees seem to have made a personal investment in the goals and values of the business. He passes on the deal if he senses this is not the case, because he feels the business will ultimately fail if its own people cannot get behind it.

Ashford also looks for a strong and engaged leadership team at any business he is considering investing in or buying. Strong communication skills and transparency are essential in his eyes because it means the leadership team is setting a high standard that other employees will naturally follow.

Joseph Ashford Launches Charity for Children Impacted by Rare Skin Disease

EB, short for epidermolysis bullosa, is an autoimmune disorder of the skin. People with this disorder have fragile skin that blisters easily. Blistering and tearing caused by immune deficiency can appear anywhere on the body. Although there is not yet a cure for EB, medical researchers continue to work towards eliminating this painful skin condition that presents itself in multiple ways.

Ashford’s natural compassion took over when he heard about Mason White, a young boy who lives with EB. He started the Butterfly Foundation in Bournemouth in honour of Mason and all other children who live with the condition.

About K4 Global

Joseph Ashford describes K4 Global, with locations in Bournemouth and throughout the UK, as a deep passion of his. As the company’s founder and CEO, Ashford enjoys the challenge of working with distressed businesses to help them realize their full potential. He and his team, whom he describes as expert trouble-shooters, provide outside-the-box solutions for clients. The goal is to ensure that client businesses remain competitive, agile, and scalable.

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