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5 Main Benefits Of Using Timber Windows And Doors At Your Home

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Doors and windows are usually the first things that people see when they make it to your home. Depending on what style of window or door you choose, you can make an immediate connection with a guest as well as create the overall look and feel of your home. You have many different choices when it comes to choosing the right doors & windows for your home. There are some factors that you need to consider before making this large investment, including materials, colors, shapes, and styles.

Environmentally Sustainable
By choosing the right sort of timber that’s been responsibly sourced, your timber doors and windows should last a lifetime and not just years. The natural oils in timber actually repel water so the micro-porous paints and stains allow any water to seep through and evaporate leaving the surface bone dry. Also, by using modern microporous paints, harmful chemicals found in older types of paint have been removed so there is no need to worry about the paint being damaging your interior.

Whether you’re renovating a hundred-year-old home or just looking for some extra warmth in your home, timber can be the ideal material. The main benefit of using timber windows London for insulation is that it works well regardless of how the house was built. Whether it’s a brick or block home, timber will act as soundproof to stop outside noise and keep the home warm and insulated.

Timber is popular as a building material for its ability to create a home that will be both durable and highly aesthetically pleasing. Timber homes tend to have a historical look and feel while still being modern and fitting in well amongst contemporary homes. The use of timber in buildings also means that your home is far more sustainable — it’s better for the environment, and in turn, offers less of an impact on the planet when compared to many other building materials.

Low Maintenance
For a long time, wood was the dominant construction material for windows. Even as far back as the days of our grandparents, wooden frames remained popular. That’s large because they were more affordable than vinyl alternatives, which is true to this day. For example, if you live in a property that’s over fifty years old and requires replacement windows, wooden ones are typically the cheapest option by some margin.

Timber windows are a great choice for your home if you’re looking for something with character. You’ll be able to find bespoke wooden windows that suit your tastes from our extensive collection of designs. Or, if you want to create something completely one of a kind, we can help you design and make bespoke doors to match the windows. Just take a look at some of these designs which have been created for our customers recently.

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