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Which wig to choose: human hair, synthetic fiber or mixed hair?

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Having a thick hair and a beautiful hair is certainly an advantage that enhances one’s beauty to the maximum and therefore it is necessary that there is a good attention for everything that concerns the choice of a wig.At this point, although there are many wigs that they are synthetic that boast a natural effect, it is good to know that it is still a totally bogus advertisement. The first element that directly attracts the consumer is to buy a synthetic wig only because it is cheap, but then we also think about what the disadvantages are. Synthetic wigs tend not to be as beautiful as human hair wigs. They are practical but if you want a natural new look then wearing a wig made from real hair is the best option. This article will give some considerations in choosing a wig base material. Curious? Keep reading!

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Do you dream of changing your look or do you need a wig? Here are some useful tips for buying the right model!

Change is a characteristic of the human soul which then also leads to the choice of different styles with which to propose oneself in the eyes of others. The time has come to choose the wig that best suits your needs and it is not easy, especially if you are approaching the subject for the first time. This could be a difficult period, linked to health problems that force you to wear this accessory, which today has become all the rage even in the absence of clinical reasons.

Whatever the reason for purchasing it, it is important to know a few things about wigs for women, their characteristics, pros and cons for each model. The more knowledge you gain, the less likely you are to make mistakes in choosing.

Human hair wigs

Obviously, the most natural effect possible is obtained by wearing 100% real hair wigs. This accessory is considered valuable and therefore has a higher cost, which however is rewarded by the quality that our products guarantee: the selected short or long hair must be strong and healthy, never chemically treated, with the same root-tip direction and intact cuticles (which avoid the formation of knots) to maintain their characteristics, such as softness and body.

Remember that a natural wig must guarantee precise quality standards at all stages of its production to give movement and natural fall of the hair. Human hair wigs can be blow-dried, straightened and styled in any way, as well as bleached and colored.

The advice: choose a real hair wig making a more important investment if you have to / want to use it permanently or very often (for example for permanent alopecia or special occasions); nothing detracts from the fact that it is suitable for you that you have to use it for short periods (chemotherapy period), for a natural look that is always at the top. You need to buy from a reliable provider like Kameymall.

Mixed hair wigs

An excellent middle ground between real hair and synthetic hair. They are composed of heat-resistant fiber and human hair, therefore a patented mixed composition to give a very natural look to the hair. These features allow you to treat the wig almost freely. It is in fact possible to use the hairdryer and the plate at a maximum temperature of 160 degrees. The advantage is to easily achieve styling after each wash and, in addition, the color does not lose intensity over time.

The tip: choose a mixed hair wig if you want to get a natural effect but dream of being able to style them in a few minutes after washing. You will be ready for your special evenings in minutes!

Synthetic fiber wigs

Forget the synthetic wigs of yesteryear. Today there is a latest generation material on the market, Premium Synthetic Fiber. The revolution allows you to wear heat-resistant artificial hair up to 160 degrees, designed to produce wigs of the highest quality. You can use the hairdryer and the straightener for a personalized styling, but consider that this does not change over time, as well as the color, for which a wider choice is available with fabulous and trendy mixes. Different styles available, with short and long cuts and an unbeatable easy fit.

Tip: if you choose a premium synthetic fiber wig with long hair, use a detangler to avoid knots, which can be rubbed with dresses and necks. Short cuts are certainly more comfortable, but perfect styling is a personal choice.

(For the care and maintenance of all types of wigs it is necessary to refer to the accompanying letter)

Short, long, light or dark hair, curly or straight?

All that remains is to choose the hair you’ve always dreamed of!

Real or synthetic hair?

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