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Safe and efficient treatment is a major concern for women dealing with fibroids, especially those looking forward to motherhood. With up to 80% of women struggling with fibroid symptoms, which can affect fertility, they are now actively looking for minimally invasive treatment with good outcomes and fast recovery. The reality is when it comes to surgical treatment, many procedures are still performed as open or robotic, and untrained specialists often recommend hysterectomy when it is unnecessary.

Many women come to CIGC looking for a better fibroid removal option. Other women, like Rashetta, were advised to wait and watch their fibroids. It’s important to note that the “watch and wait method” is not effective as fibroids can grow and cause problems if left untreated.

“For years I saw the same doctor, waiting and watching my fibroids grow, and for a while, the pain wasn’t altering my daily activities. But then, the pain got progressively worse. I found myself in bed, crying in pain.” said Rashetta, who had LAAM myomectomy for large fibroids with Dr. Paul MacKoul

Women are often in disbelief that a laparoscopic procedure is possible to remove fibroids with only 2 small incisions. After LAAM surgery, CIGC patients were happy to share their positive feedback about the outcome of their surgery. LAAM myomectomy has proven to be a safer & more effective myomectomy, with less complications and pain, and recovery in days rather than weeks.


The LAAM procedure, designed for women who wish to maintain fertility, is a safe alternative to open or robotic myomectomy or hysterectomy for removal of fibroids. It has no limitation to the number, size and location of fibroids, unlike standard laparoscopic and robotic techniques. 

“All the doctors I talked to suggested a hysterectomy. Even the physician’s assistant suggested I get a hysterectomy. I didn’t want to lose my uterus before I made that decision on my own. Why would you suggest a hysterectomy to a 40 year old woman who still wants to get pregnant?” said Sherri, who traveled from New York to Maryland for her LAAM procedure with Paul MacKoul MD

Physicians who are untrained in minimally invasive procedures often recommend unnecessary open myomectomy, which can have a long, painful recovery. 

“As my husband and I started thinking we wanted to have children, I realized that I needed to get checked out. My OB/GYN said that the fibroids were now the size of a small grapefruit or an orange, and there would be no room in my torso for them and a baby. She recommended an open myomectomy. I later went for a second opinion and that doctor said the same thing, open myomectomy, 4-6 week recovery.” recounted Raynelle, LAAM patient, who had her procedure with CIGC’s Natalya Danilyants MD.  


Patients recover in less than 2 weeks after their minimally invasive LAAM myomectomy, with less pain, far fewer complications and an overall better surgical outcome.

“December 22 was my surgery. I went back to work a week later. I could have gone back before then.” Raynelle said.

“I worked at home the first week, I was back into the office the following week. I was back to normal activity in 2 weeks.” Sherri said.


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Fibroids continue to grow and often recur after a myomectomy. It’s very important that fibroid removal is thorough so patients don’t have to go through another surgery right away. With the LAAM approach, CIGC surgeons can feel the fibroids and are able to remove even those deep in the muscle of the uterus that cannot be easily seen. This allows for an efficient procedure to be performed with great patient outcomes, using only 2 small incisions.

“When I finally got past the pain in recovery, I looked at the list that I had created. No large incision! I have to look for it. I was back to work in 2 weeks. I had 17 fibroids removed. Three of them were really big. I felt excavated, all of the junk removed. It feels so liberating to have them all out!” said Azundai about her LAAM surgery with Dr. Paul J. MacKoul

“I had heard and seen what other women had gone through for fibroid removal. Their recoveries were much longer. I really appreciated the small incisions. I compared what I experienced to other women when I got home, and they were amazed.” said Jenny, who traveled from Wisconsin to Maryland for her LAAM procedure with Natalya Danilyants MD

Get a Second Opinion with CIGC

If you were told you need open myomectomy or hysterectomy for your fibroid removal, don’t hesitate to ask for a second opinion and get to know all of your options. Minimally invasive myomectomy with recovery in days rather than weeks and no hospital stay is possible with the LAAM approach. Call 888-SURGERY to schedule your appointment or contact us online. Out-of-town patients can benefit from the LAAM procedure through CIGC’s travel program.

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