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Chin up – Scots therapist in confidence boost thanks to non-surgical face treatment

A SCOTS sports therapist has described how her confidence has seen a lift thanks to a non-surgical face and neck treatment.

Lucy Geddie’s chance encouter with Ever Clinic’s Jonathan Toye led to her undergoing the new FaceTite procedure which she has said has not only framed her face, but transformed the way she sees herself.

FaceTite technology uses the power of radio frequency to heat underneath the skin, using a long hollow needle to deliver a precise dose of sculpting energy.

Lucy Geddie poses for a selfie in a black vest after receiving FaceTite Technology treatment
Lucy Geddie, 23, poses for a selfie after receiving FaceTite Technology treatment

Lucy, 23, a sports massage specialist from Fife, had always been dissatisfied with the proportions of her chin and neck, which she felt formed a diagonal line, rather than a concave curve.

While undertaking sports studies a university, Lucy met Jonathan Toye, Managing Director of the Glasgow-based Ever Clinic, who offer FaceTite Technology. 

Lucy said: “It was quite a revelation. When I found out how straightforward it could be, I jumped at the chance.

“I arrived at 10 in the morning and I was soon being prepared for the procedure. 

“Once I was anaesthetised, the FaceTite machine did its work.

“It was the weirdest thing. I knew exactly what was going on – but I couldn’t feel a thing.

“After a few rest periods, I was out of the clinic by two in the afternoon.

“Now everything is healed my neck and chin are just the way I’d always envisaged them.

“It has helped hugely with the insecurities that I suffered from previously.”

Two pictures of Lucy Geddie before and after her FaceTite Technology treatment
Lucy Geddie, 23, before and after recieving FaceTite technology treatment at Ever Clinic, Glasgow

Ever Clinic’s Dr Paige Shaw, who carried out Lucy’s procedure, said: “FaceTite is the closest thing to a face lift without the scalpel.

“It is most effective in tightening the skin around the jowls and chin and tackling stubborn excess fat.

“By using a local anaesthetic, patients can go straight home afterwards.”

A keen rugby fan, Lucy is now working at a local rugby club, doing sports and tissue massage while maintaining her studies.

Since experiencing FaceTite technology, Lucy feels she now has the confidence to continue her studies in physiotherapy, hoping to work in the NHS before specialising in sports physio.

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