Thursday, July 7, 2022

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New Unite investigation reveals how corporate profiteering fuels inflation in the country

The investigative report has found in the last six months company profits are responsible for almost 60% of inflation rise. New Unite is a UK and...

Breathtaking video shows dozens of dolphins breaching meters away from gob-smacked kayakers

A BREATHTAKING video shows dozens of dolphins breaching 6ft into the air just meters away from gob-smacked kayakers. Phil Douglass captured the spectacular footage a mile...

Scots carer given six month suspension order for killing his dog

A SCOTS care worker has been handed a six month suspension order after hitting his dog with such force it later died. David Aird struck his...

Scots graduate creates quirky “employable playlist” vinyl to accompany CV with 80s hits such as ABBA’s ‘Take a Chance on Me’

A SAVVY Scots graduate has created a quirky "employable playlist" vinyl filled with retro hits such as ABBA's 'Take a Chance on Me' to send...

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