Tartan tat could disappear from Royal Mile


TRADERS in the capital could get lower rents if they agree not to sell tartan tat.

Edinburgh Council is considering offering the lower rates on the buildings it owns on the Royal Mile.

The scheme is the latest bid to improve the historic street.

Plans also include a crackdown on

“aggressive marketing tactics’ such as blaring music and

“street clutter’ on pavements.

New legislation came into force last year and means that the council can now dispose of property for less than the highest available bid if the lower bid can promote

“economic development or regeneration or health or social or environmental wellbeing. “

David Beckett, convenor of the City Centre Neighbourhood Partnership, said:

“We are trying to tackle this in a number of ways because there is not one uniform way of tackling the problem.

“Now that we have used this legislation it can set a precedent and rather than more tourist memorabilia we can have things that can help the local community, such as specialist food shops, butchers or other specialist retail. “

Around 32 per cent of shops on the Royal Mile are

“specialist retail’ units while another 29 per cent serve the tourist trade.

And around two thirds of these are

“tourist memorabilia shops.”

Mr Beckett added:

“It is important we provide what tourists want but we want families in the city centre as well so we want to make it a place in which you can enjoy living. “

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