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Tesco customer turns wonky bread slice into Peppa Pig after it couldn’t make decent sausage sarnie

A MUM found her Tesco loaf was too mishapen to make a sausage sandwich – so she turned it into Peppa Pig.

Sarah Hively then uploaded her creation to Tesco’s Facebook page, hoping the supermarket would see the funny side.

The 43-year-old from Northampton captioned her post: “Couldn’t make a decent sausage sarnie from my Tesco Salt n Pepper bread.

“So I turned it into Peppa Pig. Not impressed Tesco, not impressed.”

(C) Sarah Hively

The image shows the slice slightly squinty on the top right which in this case has been made to look like the character’s nose.

A googly eye can be seen on the slice which appears to be looking back at the camera.

The post attracted comments from Facebook users who saw the funny side.

Tom Curry said: “You’ve seen Tiger loaf. Now meet Giraffe Bread.”

(C) Sarah Hively

Paul Mcgoogan commented: “I am pretty sure you could design your sausage to fit, was it a good old banger?

After initially taking the post seriously and trying to get Sarah’s details so that they could file it as a complaint, Tesco also saw the funny side.

A customer case worker said: “I’m sorry for any disappointment, however, if the offer of a Peppa pig sandwich is still going, I’m keen? I prefer cheese though.”

Speaking today, Sarah explained how she was unable to fit the sausages in her “Peppa pig” bread.

She said: “It was just for a laugh! It’s not a complaint! World is already full of doom and gloom, wanted to lighten the mood.

“It was a friend who said it, I thought it resembled a horse.

Sarah said: ” “It was just for a laugh!”

“I tried [making the sandwich], but the sausage kept falling out.

“So had to use a knife and fork, wasn’t quite the same. Someone mentioned it looked like a suspicious llama as well.”

Tesco said they “enjoy” seeing what customers turn their products into.

A spokeswoman said: “While we’re not sure if Peppa Pig would approve of a sausage sarnie, we do always enjoy seeing what creations our customers come up with.”

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