Police hunt care home thief who stole veteran’s medals


Old soldier: David served in Africa, Greece and Italy

POLICE are investigating the theft of an old soldier’s medals from his nursing home.

Grandfather David Morris was left devastated by the loss of the campaign medals which were presented to him for serving in the Second World War.

The 89-year-old is currently in hospital and his family believe the stress caused by the theft is a factor in his deteriorating health.

The veteran – who joined the armed forces at the age of 18 – wore the medals pinned to his jacket on Remembrance Day in November last year.

But they have since disappeared from his room at Meadowvale Nursing Home, Bathgate, West Lothian.

His daughter Shirley, 44, said her father has been left distraught over the theft of his prized possessions, which he earned for service in the Royal Engineers in Greece, Africa and Italy.

She said:

“My father is not too great. He’s still in hospital and could be there for a while. He has a really bad infection and also had kidney failure as well so he’s getting tests at the moment.

“He’s stable at the moment and talking away. But the medals are still in his mind because even in hospital he’s been asking if I had any more information about them. “

She added:

“The theft hasn’t helped because he’s been worked up by it. It’s made him very unhappy and really has upset him.

“It’s not obviously the cause of it but it’s not helped that he has been stressed out about it and the fact that in hospital he is still talking about it just shows how much he thinks about it. “

“It’s ridiculous that someone would steal from a veteran who got the medals serving his country. “

The father-of-two had hung his jacket with the medals on the back of his bedroom door before they vanished the next day, she added.

Staff searched the home and later contacted the Ministry of Defence to see if the medals could be replaced but Shirley said her father is no longer happy staying in the home.

Police were called in after staff failed to find the medals and officers have been keeping an eye on local pawn shops ever since, though with nothing yet found.

A spokesman for West Lothian and Borders Police said: “Enquiries are ongoing and anyone with information that can assist our investigation is asked to contact police immediately.”

A spokeswoman for Four Seasons, who run Meadowvale, said:

“Staff immediately searched his room, other residents’ room and the home and were unable to find the medals.

Life on the line: David was in the Royal Engineers

“Correct procedures were carried out and the family and police were notified. The police came into the home and are currently carrying out an investigation. “

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