Scots nurse faces charges of throwing water over patient


A NURSE at a Scots home for the elderly faces charges of throwing a cup of water over a patient and asking another if she was pregnant.

It is also claimed that Ketura St Louis rubbed and pinched a female resident’s chest while employed as a staff nurse at Avondale Care Home in Motherwell.

The formal charges published online by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) claim that around July or August 2008 Ms Ketura

“patted Resident A’s stomach when she was being taken to/using the lavatory.”

It is also alleged that she asked the resident

“whether she was pregnant’ and

“whether she had a boyfriend.”

It is claimed that she continued to ask this question despite the resident becoming upset.

On another occasion it is claimed that she

“rubbed Resident A’s chest area’ and

“pinched Resident A’s chest area.”

And around September 2008 she is alleged that she

“pushed Resident B down onto a chair when he was trying to stand’ and

“removed Resident B’s seat cushion, making it harder for him to stand.”

The nurse faces further charges alleged to have taken place in or around September 2008.

It is claimed that she

“threw a cup of water over Resident C.”

The nurse will come before the Nursing and Midwifery Council at the end of the month where she could be struck off.

Avondale Care Home generally looks after elderly people with physical difficulties and with dementia.

The home can accommodate 60 residents in single rooms.

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