Severe flooding after storms hit Edinburgh.


Flash floods hit Edinburgh on Friday.

DOZENS of homes were flooded and motorists were left stranded after flash floods hit Edinburgh.

A flood alert was raised by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) as storms moved across the Lothian region on Friday afternoon.

Between 30 and 40 homes in the Morningside area of Edinburgh were said to be flooded. And around 25 cars were also affected by the weather.

The south and west of the city were said to have born the worst of the freak conditions, which included thunder and lightning storms.

Members of Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Service helped people stranded in their cars to safety.

Water levels reached as high as car windows in some areas. A spokeswoman said the fire service had received numerous calls from residents about incidents in several roads in the city.

“We have had quite a lot of flooding. Some of the water was up to the windows of cars,’ she said.

“Our crews helped occupants from two vehicles to safety and were helping police to re-open a flooded road. “

A spokesman for SEPA said a flood alert was raised as a

“precautionary measure.”He said the situationdevelopedquickly.

Residents said the water had risen to a depth of four feet in just 10 minutes.

Many found their homes, businesses and cars under water.

Fire crews at the scene said the water was so deep many cars were floating around the street.

One woman, whose car was driven from the flood by firemen said: “I left my car here to go to work and came back to find it in the middle of the water.”

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said she would have to move out of her home. ”It’s totally ruined, we are going to have to move out till it’s fixed,” she said.

Matthew McInerney, 27, had his vegetarian catering van parked on the street. He said his vehicle was ruined and it would prove a blow to the business.

He said: “I came down because I was worried about the water but the van was flooded when I got here.

“I’ve been in and the mud is two inches deep on the floor.

“My stock is ruined, my till and all my electrics are under water. I’m just hoping I can dry my paperwork out.”

Morningside councillor Mark Mcinnes said a tank had been installed in one street to prevent flooding.

“Its supposed to prevent floods for 100 years but there’s been two since it was put in,” he said.

Taxi driver Stuart Burns, 38, found his cab, which he’d only bought 12 weeks ago, in waist deep water. He said the damage caused meant his business was likely to take heavy financial hit.

He said: “It’ll most likely be out for the weekend. I’ll probably lose 200 to 300 as weekends are the busy times.

“Luckily it’s just the carpets, I was worried it had got up to the seats. “

Margaret Dewar, 72, was trapped in her flat by the rising water.She said: “It was scary. The water was up to the second step.

“I had to turn the power to my stairlift off. You have to watch electricity with water.

“My son came down the road from the bus stop and he was soaked to his waist.

“At first drivers were just going through it and splashing it onto the pavements and then some got stuck. Others saw how deep it was and turned around.

“Even the buses couldn’t get through it and had to be re-routed.”

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