AA launches fresh assault on summer drink drivers.


Drivers should expect police roadchecks

The AA launches a fresh assault on drink drivers today after a survey showed almost two thirds of AA members

believed the responsibility to cut drink driving rested with the drink drivers alone.

The figures reveal the impact of the joint campaign between Pernod Ricard UK (PRUK) and the AA as they continue their anti-drink driving promotions. The new phase of the campaign focuses on summer drink-driving, and will attempt to steer drivers away from the temptations of the long summer nights, al fresco parties and holidays.

The AA also warns that there will be heavy police involvement and enforcement of the campaign throughout the summer initiative, with roadside checks coming into operation throughout the country. Last year over 100,000 people were stopped and tested throughout the UK during a month-long campaign alone, with 5.6% testing positive or refusing a test.

Drink driving accounts for 17% of all road accident fatalities in the UK, and in 2009 almost 12,000 casualties were caused by a drunk driver.

In a bid to reach a greater number of drivers, the AA and PRUK will rely on online advertising and social media networks, such as Facebook and Spotify, in order to get the message across. It is hoped that a younger demographic of possible drink drivers may be influenced by the campaign, as any drink driving amongst young adults is most likely to happen under the age of 25.

Edmund Kind, President of the AA, said that drink driving was a

“critical’ issue for the UK, and further commented:

“The police will be targeting drink drivers so drivers need to take responsibility for their actions. We are delighted to continue the partnership with Pernod Ricard UK in remind and encouraging drivers to accept responsibility when it comes to drinking and driving. “

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