Albanian crime gangs top list of most feared foreign gangsters-Scottish Crime News

Collared: Scots police are now battling Albanians among at least 25 foreign crime gangs

AT least 25 foreign crime gangs are operating in Scotland, according to investigations by the country’s equivalent of the FBI.

Detectives are said to be particularly concerned about the arrival of the “ultra-violent” Albanian mafia.

Gangsters from the impoverished Balkan state have muscled in to Scotland’s drug and vice trades, according to the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA).

The crime-fighting body ranks ethnic Albanian groups as among the “non-indigenous” gangsters posing the greatest threat.

Foreign gangs now make up almost 10% of all crime groups operating north of the border, according to work by the SCDEA.

They have identified 267 organised crime groups, of which at least 25 are from abroad.

Other nationalities include Chinese gangs behind cannabis farms and bootleg DVDs, Bangladeshis and Czechs involved in people smuggling, and Yardies from the Caribbean who specialise in selling crack and running prostitutes.

But it is Albanian gangs – known as the Mafia Shqiptare – that are causing particular concern.

The gangs are said to have been brutalised by the conflicts in the Balkans in the 1990s and sit on worldwide trade routes for guns, drugs and women.

The Mafia Shqiptare are believed to have taken over the sex trade in London’s Soho district and even reduced the power of the feared Italian Mafia in their own areas.

Stephen Whitelock, a Detective Chief Superintendent with the SCDEA, said: “We are noting the emergence of a number of crime groups from other countries operating in Scotland.

“This includes gangs from eastern Europe, southeast Asia – particularly Vietnam and China – as well as African countries.

“The Albanians are here now. Some of the individuals concerned are known to be capable of extreme violence.


“Albanian serious and organised crime groups have been know to be involved in prostitution, arms and drugs. They have been flagged up in our mapping exercise.”

He added: “We have a list of the top 20% most serious organised crime groups and, each of which is in the ownership of one of the forces or the agency. The Albanians are on that list.”

It is thought Albanian crime families arrived in the UK in the aftermath of the 1999 Kosovo war. The families are relatively small but strongly bonded by a code of honour and blood feuds.

As long ago as 2003, Luan Plakici, an Albanian from Montenegro, was jailed in Scotland for 10 years for trafficking women from Moldova.

Former SCDEA boss Graeme Pearson, now a Labour MSP, said: “The Albanians are a bit of a challenge because they have a military background in their homelands and their criminal elements have a very violent history. They are very difficult groups to penetrate.”

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  1. Please sir, i didn’t read what in really the Albanian did in Scotland, please tell mi any statistic,way do you and other news organisations speculate???? du u have any name or any group that commit any caint of crime in Scotland,please can you stop it with this nonsense,i know a lot Albanians in London that are very hardworking people that pay their taxes and are very good citizens.

  2. I think this is rubish..there ia not such a thing as albanian mafia..most of us work hard and pas the taxes….this is all fabrication…like in any country there is some that play with the law….xenofobia is taking over this country…regards

  3. Interesting that the UK has given this same Albanian mafia control of the Serbian province of Kosovo. Now perhaps the UK – including especially Scotland – will wake up

      • The surname georgevic does not exist. I guess I thought of Djordjevic which is spelled differently??? I’m half Serbian, and Serbs do not have name George buddy.

    • you having a laugh mate? Serbian province? Serbia is also controlled by mobsters and mafia… in the 90’s milosovic and all the so called serbian war ”heros” that they call them were all mobsters and criminals, and are behind some of the worst massacres in the balkans. Arkan the military leader from Serbia was a criminal throughout europe and was wanted for murders, robberies before the war, he was head of the serbian mafia. he was also an assasin for milosovic and took out political targets… they were all criminals and even sold drugs and smuggled weapons, they were tied to criminal networks throughout europe too.. it’s serbian propaganda to only try and make albanians look like the criminals

  4. Long live grater Albania along with Greater UK,please this is all rubish it better 4 all of u guys to deall with this global crisis and the people who brought us in this terrible situation with is going to ruin all countries eventualy like domino,im sure this is the real issue that we have to deal with……

  5. I don’t get it! Why only Albanian are mentioned as the main gangsters in uk! What about these pheedofiiles that kill children they should be more interested to put these pheeedos down insted of accusing somebody, e know that every nationality that lives here has the good and the bad, It seems like the main target for journalisem is the so called “Albanian Mafia”!!!

  6. on people tell the truth is a good thing,but on your case i see no facts,non of those you wrote is truth.albanians are the most hard working people that are on this country.yes we do help each other more than other people do,if a friend is not working we help him to get a job.we lend money to friends with no intrest .if a albanian got no were to live ,we take him in our home.please next time you talk about albanian mafia ,find some statistics first

  7. 25 out of 267 crime groups are foreigners, that’s less than 10%. How about an article about the 90%?!?

    Quote: “We have a list of the top 20% most serious organised crime groups and, each of which is in the ownership of one of the forces or the agency. The Albanians are on that list.”

    This tells me that Albanians are NOT on top of this 20% list, which means the title of this article is deceptive. So if that’s the case Mr. Peter Laing, why are you only writing about the Albanians and not the rest of that top-20%, maybe the ones that are on top of the top-20? It looks like, unlike the real top criminals, the Albanians are not buying the media…

  8. I agree with Sir Peter Laing. I my self I am from Albania and most of Albanian people here are operating such things which are mentioned above by Sir Peter. Albanian people have very low moral and respect,and they are very arrogant and violent kind of people. It makes me a very shameful to say I am from Albania when I am around my friends because of the low crimes they commit. Don’t get me wrong not 100% of Albanians are criminals just making the points that what Sir Peter is saying is right. The brothel in London or all over UK 70% of womens are controlled by Albanians pimps and is true.

    • Odisea , how dare you call yourself Albanian? Even if you change nationality you can t change your origin. You say you are ashamed to say where you come from but does it make you proud to be Albanian when someone mentions great Albanians people like Mother Teresa, Skanderbeg, Ismail Kadare etc etc ? I bet it does, and in that case you don t deserve the name Albanian. I must admit that Albanians have had trouble adjusting to rules and laws but there are plenty of good people who work hard, pay taxes and are grateful to what Britain offers them, BUT no one writes about them in the papers or any kind of media for that matter. Have you asked yourself where did the Albanians picked this” bad habits” from? Well dear Odisea , we were a communist hermetically closed country to the rest of the World for 50 yrs and had no idea what pimping, Mafia killing or prostitution was. When the country was opened up then Albanians flooded into the streets of Europe where some of them learned about the world of crime. So dear Friend please learn to think with your brain and not by what media writes. I am sure your British friends do not judge you by the crimes of the Albanians in the UK , they judge you because of who you are.

      • you have to accept the truth and get on with your life. What don’t you like the truth about the crimes Albanians commit. The lowest of the lowest crime human been can do. Trafficking children and forcing women like you if you are one to prostitution and drugs selling children’s organ!! Do you really thing this are cool things to do or operate. I hope you understand what I am trying to explain to people like you with small open minded my dear the one.

    • Odisea, you need to grow up !! these people do not represent Abania and they are minority. No one say anything about good Albanian Engineers, Doctors, IT Scientist, Accountants, Lawyers etc.
      Therefore, next time do you homework properly before yuo throw a silly comment on any other subject. This sort of attitude will not take you beyond doors of McDonalds serving ketchup !!
      Thank you

  9. Interesting, as I move across the Europe to pursue my education, everything changes but people I should be aware of. Be it Switzerland, UK, Germany or Sweden, the Albanian mafia takes care of dirty jobs. Horrifying. I’m half-Serbian, half-Catalan, and I personally had problems because I said I love my mom’s country in front of some Albanian shady guys. Far away from saying that all people are bad, as a matter of fact two Albanian girls that I know are awesome, smart and successful. But they are also born and raised in the West. Crazy people are those that moved recently from war zones.

  10. I think it is an absolutely disgraceful to say that Albanian are arrogant, criminals and so forth. We fail to understand that like in every country we have good and bad people. It seems to me that people tend to judge Albanians just on their reputation and that’s wrong. By no means I am saying every single Albanian is a good and innocent citizen. In general, I would argue that they are very hardworking, respectful, generous and loyal citizens. I am an Albanian and I’m proud to say that I’m one of them. I’m not a criminal I’m a well educated individual and I contribute to this society just like many other Albanians. Can anyone who make such assumptions about Albanians tell me who commits the most crimes in the UK. I can assure you that Albanians are NOT one of them. Please people, live with the reality and show some respect to Albanians.

    • Well said Elton and that’s the thing every “walk of life” has good and bad people so even if some Albanians are bad there are also some who are good just like some non-Albanians are good people but there are also some non-Albanians that are bad people so therefore I feel I’m not doing anything wrong to interact more and occasionally do “exceptionally” nice things for decent Albanians whom I can relate to but not interact much nor do “exceptionally” nice things for non-Albanians whom I don’t relate to and non-Albanians who could easily get on my nerves or say or do stuff that appalls me and finally I feel that I’m judging Albanians and non-Albanians by their actions.

  11. ,Hi ,,its not a big deal to writte for albanian gang or any nationality gangs,,//
    but it seems that here in UK ,Albanian gang are the masters here,,funny ///
    its not true ,,people likes to speak as they want,,but here are other groups that are top – groups of gangs in UK.
    Albanians most of them are hard worked,some of them well- educated,poor but with some codes of honour that the rest of europe already they lost those codes of honour..of course few albanians use to do crimes,britishs as well and other nationalities..but albanians on top of them,,,,,,xaxaxaxaxa funny story //
    watch the real them ,dont be blinded eyes /

  12. Wow, reading this, is making me sick, Mr Peter, do your research properly, don’t target Albanians, concentrate on the real mafia, don’t put the bad name on as, but I see why u can get away by saying this, or maybe you just saying this coz u want the country to concentrate on the Albanians while the big guys meaning ( you ) can do the business, get real mate, thank you,

  13. The prisons in Sweden are full of Albanian immigrants. I’ve never seen a nation integrating so poorly in our society. Most of them are drug dealers, rapists and killers.

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