Heroic teenager shows first signs of recovery


A HERO teenager who was swept into the sea while trying to save a drowning friend has opened her eyes and taken unaided breaths after more than a week in a coma.

Brave Katie MacLean struggled to rescue  Tempany Sylvester but was dragged in by a giant wave and knocked out, spending up to 20 minutes face down in the water before she was rescued.

Katie, 14, from Eyemouth, Berwickshire, has been critically ill but stable on a life support machine since last Monday’s drama.

TWO OF A KIND – Best friends Tempany and Katie before the accident.

Delighted friends have now revealed that Katie is showing early signs of recovering from her ordeal.

Katie and Tempany, 13, were dodging 20ft waves hitting  the wall of Eyemouth harbour on June 4 when disaster struck.

Tempany was rescued largely unscathed but Katie needed CPR at the scene and was airlifted to hospital in Edinburgh.

According to a Facebook dedication page set up by school friend Leevi Brown, Katie appears to be turning the corner.

A text message on the site from Katie’s father says: “Spoke to doc, she’s taking some breaths of her own, kidneys working bit better, pupils reacting fine.

“It’s what they expect as minimum but it still good to hear.

“Taking her off more drugs tomorrow to see if she can do more work herself.

“Still critical but she’s fighting.”

Tempany herself has posted a comment on the page, willing her friend to recover.

She wrote: “Come on Katie. I know you can do this. You can pull through this because you are the bravest person I know and if anyone could do this it is you 🙂 xx”

Tempany also went on Twitter to thank her friend for trying to save her.

She tweeted: “Loves all my friends but Katie in particular. She tried to save me from drowning and ended up getting in hospital herself – so everyone follow katiemaclean5. xx”

Other friends reacted with delight to the positive news from the hospital.

Lynn Bainbridge wrote on the tribute site: “When the nurse changed her collar, [Katie] briefly opened her eyes. Fantastic news. Not be long now babes xxx”

And Sandra Laidlaw wrote: “That’s fantastic news that Katie Lou is breathing on her own now. She’s all I’ve thought about since Monday. Keep going Katie – you’re nearly there xxx”

Other friends have been tweeting One Direction star Harry Styles for support.

Lou wyatt pleaded: “Please get @Harry_Styles to tweet @katiemaclean5. She’s critically ill in a coma from saving her friends life! Please, please.”

Katie is being cared for at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, to which she was transferred two days after the accident.

NHS Lothian confirmed Katie is critical but stable but declined to comment further.


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  1. That is such good news. I hope she keeps recovering. I’ve been checking twice a day for any news of her recovery.

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