Scottish slimmer lost half her bodyweight in one year


A SCOTTISH slimmer shed eight stone in a year after getting too fat to take part in activity trips abroad. looses

Liz Hepburn, who ironically works for Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland, decided to take action after hitting almost 20 stone on the scales.

The 41-year-old managed to lose almost half her bodyweight in a year, slimming down from 19.5 stone to 11.

Ms Hepburn signed up to Weight Watchers classes to help her lose over eight stone


The IT manager from Edinburgh decided she needed to do something about her weight after planning a trip to Italy with the Beaver Scouts group she leads.

She said: “We’d been on a trip six years ago, and I couldn’t do anything while I was there. We all went for a walk but I couldn’t go.

“That was definitely a big part of my motivation to start shedding the pounds.

“It was thanks to that I decided that I really needed to lose the weight. Enough is enough.”

Ms Hepburn signed up to a weight loss group, discovered a passion for the gym, and amazed herself with how quickly the pounds came off.

She was finally able to put her nightmares behind her and fully participate in the activity holiday in Italy.

She said: “The more I could move, the easier I found it to lose weight as I got my mobility back.

“Before, I would eat takeaways and prepared meals. It didn’t help that I live on my own so a lot of the time I couldn’t be bothered cooking and would eat unhealthy food.

“Now, the biggest portion on my plate is always vegetables.”

Ms Hepburn says she can now wear skirts and dresses after she lost half of her body weight


Ms Hepburn is confident that despite the festive season and temptation of fatty foods, she will stick to her healthy eating.

She said: “Around Christmas, it is difficult because there’s so many treats on offer.

“But I try to treat Christmas Day as just one day and not eat unhealthily for the whole holiday.”

Ms Hepburn also feels more confident in the clothes that she wears and can move away from her daily uniform of black jeans or black trousers.

She said: “I’ve rediscovered dresses and skirts.

“The reaction I’ve had from friends and family has been absolutely fantastic.”

Rachel Mather Wilson, who runs the Weight Watchers meeting Ms Hepburn attended, said: “I’m so proud of Liz.

“She has been such a huge inspiration to myself and the other members.”

Ms Hepburn will continue with her slimming classes to maintain her current weight.

She added: “What makes the difference is the motivation and good advice I get from Rachel and the encouragement we all give each other in the meeting.”


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