Kind-hearted strangers donate wedding to grant mum’s dying wish


A BRAVE daughter has fulfilled her mother’s dying wish to see her get married after kind-hearted strangers donated almost everything for the wedding.

Cheryl Rennie and Kevin Soutar, from Dundee, tied the knot on Tuesday after being forced to plan their wedding in a matter of days following a shock prognosis.

Cheryl’s mother, Michelle, has been battling advanced lung cancer for several months but was told just two weeks ago that she wouldn’t live until Christmas.




And after a desperate appeal, kindhearted strangers soon got involved, donating and funding almost every part of the wedding including flowers, the venue and even Michelle’s dress to fulfill the dying woman’s wish.

The venue, the food and even the dress were all donated by those touched by Cheryl’s plight and after five years of being engaged the young couple tied the knot in an afternoon ceremony this week.

The 26-year-old bride says she “feels blessed” and is still completely “overwhelmed” by the kindness of everyone involved.

Speaking before the ceremony, Cheryl said: “I’ve been up all night feeling sick because I’m so nervous but hopefully it will pass by the time I go down the aisle. “I can’t believe how generous and kind everyone has been. “It’s so important to me and my mum that she’s here and I can’t thank everyone enough for making it happen.”

She added: “I don’t think there will be a dry eye in the house considering the circumstances.”

Chief bridesmaid, Ann Dodds, who coordinated the day, said it was just “magical”.

Mum Michelle was even able to dance at the ceremony



The 46-year-old said: “It was just such a brilliant day and it all went without a single hitch.

“Cheryl looked absolutely stunning and Michelle had the most amazing time.

“It was actually the first day Michelle had been up and about since she got out of hospital and I think she was mentally preparing herself for it because she knew it was going to be a fun but long, tiring day.

“But she even managed a wee go on the dance floor.”

She added: “Towards the end it all got a bit sad to be honest and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

“So sad but happy at the same time. It means the world to us that they got to spend such a special day together.”

After hearing of Cheryl’s mission, thousands of well-wishes and donations flooded in from all over the country with a free wedding dress being offered from as far away as Essex.

One caring person even donated £500 so that the guest of honour could get a new outfit for the special day.

In August this year the family were shocked to discover that 47-year-old Michelle had advanced lung cancer.





Her initial prognosis was that she had months left to live but after suffering a pain in her side doctors soon discovered the disease had spread to her spleen.

On the day before her 47th birthday, doctors told her she was not going to make it to Christmas and had just a couple of weeks left to live.

Cheryl made a desperate plea on Facebook to ask for help. On November 17, she wrote: “Ideas or suggestions, we don’t have a big budget either.

“We’ve thought of maybe doing in hospital but I’d think she rather get out for it.”

And just three days later almost everything thing had fallen into place.

Flowers for the day were donated by a local florist Forget Me Not, perfectly decorating the function room at The Mirage, which was also donated.

The dress itself and those for her bridesmaids were sent up from Essex by CurvesandCouture Bridal.

Michelle will now spend her remaining time at home surrounded by her friends and family.

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