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A driver had to be rescued after a tree fell on his car during rush hour storm

A DRIVER had a lucky escape after a falling tree crushed his car on a busy street in Edinburgh.

The man had to be rescued by firemen after an old beech tree fell onto the roof of his silver Skoda just after 10am today (Thurs), eyewitnesses said.

Police blocked both entrances to Quality Street, as workmen began the gruelling task of cutting up the tree.

car tree
The Skoda was cut free from underneath the tree at Davidson’s Mains.


The incident wrecked havoc on commuters as residents were unable to access Queensferry Road.

Over 6 men armed with power tools were cutting branches off and attempting to clear the road.

One local resident said: “I was enjoying a lie-in when the entire house shook.

“My husband shouted the tree’s fallen.

“We rushed outside and could see headlights on in the car.

“But we couldn’t see properly as there was so much tree in the road.

“My husband called the emergency services who arrived quickly.

“The fire brigade helped the man out of his car and he was given medical attention by the ambulance crew.

“I’m told he had minor injuries and is okay.

“My neighbour said it had missed her downstairs window by a hair.

“This weather is dangerous and were been worried about that tree for a while.”

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