Police probe YouTube “cannabis channel” based in Scotland


POLICE are investigating a Scottish-based YouTube channel dedicated to the cultivation and use of cannabis.

More than 60 videos have been posted to the “Duhn Fuhr” channel giving detailed advice on how to grow the biggest-possible plants and use the drug.

Many of the videos are presented by a man who does nothing to hide his face and even taunts officers on one occasion by wearing a comedy police helmet.

Despite posting cannabis guides since April 2013, Police Scotland was apparently unaware of the brazen channel which YouTube says does not break any of its rules.

Police Scotland has now confirmed that it is investigating the site to see if there is any evidence of criminality.

The Youtube poster Duhn Fuhr smoking a bong wearing a fancy dress police helmet
The Youtube poster Duhn Fuhr smoking a bong wearing a fancy dress police helmet


The Scottish Tories urged the police and YouTube to crackdown on the channel, saying it was time to challenge the “ridiculous” concept that cannabis is harmless.

The channel, which states that it is based in “central Scotland”, kicked off 2015 with a guide to growing cannabis at home.

The video shows an indoor “garden” – a small insulated tent inside a room – with a number of cannabis plants growing from pots.

One plant is so heavy with cannabis buds that it has to be held up with strings.

In another video, the unnamed presenter makes no effort to disguise his identity as he gives advanced instructions on using a bong.

Wearing a fancy dress police helmet, he insists the green plant matter being smoked is “asparagus”.


A large “asparagus” plant being cultivated in an indoor “garden”


The Youtube channel states: “Every substance used in this channel is asparagus – no matter what we say.”

In another video, the same man – wearing sunglasses – demonstrates smoking paraphernalia such as bongs and pipes and smokes them on camera.
In a number of videos he is joined by others who disguise their identity with sunglasses or full face masks – including a fighter pilot’s helmet with an oxygen mask and a welder’s mask.

Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont said: “When police say they are monitoring social media, this is the kind of thing the public want them to target.

“We have to stop this ridiculous concept spreading that cannabis is harmless – it’s responsible for more than a tenth of drug-related hospital admissions.

“Anyone can access YouTube, regardless of age, and it’s therefore very worrying that these kinds of videos could be so easily watched by young people.

“Both the police and the platform – in this case YouTube – have a responsibility to deal with this kind of thing strongly.”

A YouTube spokeswoman said: “YouTube staff review flagged videos 24 hours a day, seven days a week to determine whether they violate our Community Guidelines. When they do, we remove them. Sometimes a video doesn’t violate our Community Guidelines, but may not be appropriate for everyone. These videos may be age-restricted.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police Scotland has been made aware of this YouTube channel, and the material will be reviewed to establish whether any criminality has taken place.”

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  1. Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Cannabis is virtually harmless. There are about 1000 hospital admissions each year for cannabis, 3000 for peanuts and 1.2 million for alcohol.

    Really! When are we going to be rid of this ridiculous ignorance, prejudice and bad science? He’s not fit to be in public office if he promotes such bare faced lies.

  2. Do better things with your time, if you actually watch these videos you’ll see the gentleman is soft spoken and quite sweet and considerate for the lovely plants. Hes giving sound gardening advice.

  3. I love social medial.
    It makes obvious the thread bare frailty of their tissue of lies.
    Look at how scarred they are of a guy in a silly hat.
    He is doing a community service and a far better job of it than any official can do.
    He is creative and helpful unlike our governments.

  4. Scotland Police think that Alcool drinking in his own service it’s mutch better and Healthy!!! I do Have in My own Facebook, Photos were i’m standing in between hundreds of cannabis plants ( they are my precious aspargos to!!) they can try to cam and take it away…. But i smoke it all allready!!!! ASSHOLES

  5. Another reason (If any are needed) to never vote Conservative. The UK government is getting further and further from the rest of the world with its outdated and frankly ridiculous stand point on Cannabis prohibition. There have been countless studies conducted into it’s health benefits (Half the states in the USA now allow the use of medical Cannabis) The people of this country need to stand up and vote out these idiots who are wasting over £2 billion a year of our money on the criminal justice system enforcing prohibition that does harm to all of society (except those employed by the criminal justice system) Wake up folks!! The rest of the world is.

  6. *yawns*

    Come on coppers, give us a story about some *real* criminals. I mean really, what has this lad actually done wrong? I don’t see blood on his knuckles, a black eye on his face, or stolen money falling out of his pockets.

    Meanwhile we have thugs running about the streets all over the country, getting drunk and starting fights everywhere.

    Oh yes, “Getting drunk”. Now there’s a thing:

    “We have to stop this ridiculous concept spreading that cannabis is harmless – it’s responsible for more than a tenth of drug-related hospital admissions.”

    I challenge your idea that cannabis is as harmful as you say it is, Officer. Are you going to arrest me simply for stating you are undeniably wrong, and that the current laws regarding this plant are inherently nonsensical and unjustifiable?

    Hang on, TEN PERCENT of all drug-related hospital admissions?! Well [email protected]#k me, alcohol must’ve gotten a hell of a lot safer without anybody realising! How many hospital visits across the country are due to cannabis per month? Maybe 50? Almost all of whom are completely healthy and safe, they just smoked or ate too much and got worried. Now, how many people are in hospital due to drinking? Approximately 850,000, according to the NHS’s own website.

    Get your act together for goodness’ sake.You’re making the whole police force look stupid and uneducated,

  7. I have used cannabis virtually daily for over 50 years. I gave up smoking years ago but still take it orally for pain relief and for the nice buzz. Thankfully many American states have now legalised it for recreational use as well as medical use. 76 year old Tommy Chong has successfully cured his cancer with suppositories containing cannabis oil. Such pathetic posturing from the police shows their hypocrisy. Many of those trying to clamp down on this harmless herb will no doubt be addicted to alcohol and nicotine, and will never have experienced any consciousness expanding drugs. Cannabis lets you better experience the beauty of nature or the exquisite pleasure of music. It can give you insight to your own psyche and help you deal with problems in your life – because you can reflect on issues and see things from a different point of view.

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