Scottish restaurant unveils dish that takes 24hrs to cook


AN EDINBURGH restaurant has revealed a new dish – with a 24hr preparation time.

Customers at Dean Gassabi’s Maison Bleue will have to order a day in advance if they want to experience the meal, which has been described as a “delicacy among scattered tribes of Sahara camel herders.”

The extravagant meal comprises of a slow-cooked quarter of lamb to be shared by at least four people at £25 a head.

Dean Gassabi will unveil the new dish next week
Dean Gassabi will unveil the new dish next week


The Bedouin Méchoui Feast, as it is called, will be available from next week after the reopening of the restaurant following extensive refurbishments.

Gabassi’s restaurant has attracted the likes of Gwen Stefani and Tom Hanks in the past, and he expects the new dish to draw many new customers.

He said: “When we were looking for inspiration at first we weren’t sure about the Bedouin Méchoui Feast, because of the time involved.”

“However, the taste and texture is fantastic and having to order 24 hours in advance adds to the whole experience of savouring it properly.”

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