Parents ferried booze to underage kids’ end of exam party


IRRESPONSIBLE parents have been accused of helping their children break the law by ferrying them to an end-of exams party and dropping them off with “large quantities of alcohol”.

Up to 300 youngsters – most under 18 – were busted at an East Lothian beauty spot last Friday night after police were tipped off by social media.

At a community meeting earlier this week a police officer confirmed that parents had transported the drink as well as the youngsters themselves.

Officers confiscated and poured away large quantities of alcohol after breaking up the rowdy party shortly before 8pm.

PC Gavin Ross told the meeting: “I received information from a number of sources that there would be a big party at Bullet Hill, as appears traditional for S6 leavers.

“There were 200-300 there and it was S6 leavers plus a lot of hangers-on, S4 and S5 as well.”

The officer said “many” of the teenagers had been dropped off at the remote spot by their parents “with large quantities of alcohol”.

He added: “A Facebook page had been set up and 500 people said they were going to attend, with between 200 and 300 attending.”

The same officer expressed concern for the safety of the underage party-goers, saying: “There is a safety issue for them to drink large quantities of alcohol in an extremely rural location.”

Jacquie Bell, vice-chairwoman of Dunbar’s community council said: “It’s definitely a worry, particularly if parents are dropping off youngsters aged 16 and the parents have bought them alcohol.

“They are abetting kids to commit an offence.”

Twitter users posted images and updates from the party as it unfolded.

One user posted a picture of a teen who seems to be passed out up a tree, with the comment: “turns up to the exam party in no shoes and climbs trees all night.”

Another poster, who was included in photographs from the night, said: “My boyfriend and best friend both spewed on me last night.”

They also warned each other of the presence of the police, with one saying: “Police checking bags and coming to bullet hill.”

One more commented for earlier on in the night, saying: “About 15 unders in my kitchen getting psyched to get to bullet hill and I’ve just sat down to watch Corrie. How times have changed.”

Barbara O’Donnell, Acting Chief Executive, Alcohol Focus Scotland said: “Young people are especially vulnerable to alcohol’s toxic effects because their brains and bodies are still developing.

She also sent a stern warning to parents: “The law is quite clear – alcohol should not be sold to under 18s.

“It also bans adults from purchasing alcohol on their behalf. Anyone buying alcohol for young people is breaking the law.”

Alcohol consumption among young Scots is a major concern of both government, with 2014 figures showing that 45% of Scots have experienced binge drinking by the age of 14.

And young Scots’ drinking habits made headlines again this week in Magaluf.

Perth mental health nurse Hannah MacDonald said she she planned to “get f****** mortal and just love life” in spite of resort authorities hoping to crack down on the antisocial drunk behaviour of Brit tourists.

The end of the school year can also be a rowdy time for schools across the country, as students plan pranks and parties to celebrate.

On Thursday 20 school-leavers from Calderglen High School in East Kilbride were banned from their prom after drunkenly locking gate, blocking fire exits and pelting students with eggs and flour.

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