Daredevil avoids the stairs by taking building site rubbish chute


FOOTAGE shows a daredevil using a building site rubbish chute to slide down into a skip below.

The man falls 26ft (8m) after launching himself into the steep chute before scrambling out into the rubble below.

The clip appears to have been filmed whilst works are being performed in a residential area as the man clambers from the top of scaffolding and disappears down the connection of red chutes, held together by chains.

The video was uploaded onto Facebook on Monday and is thought to have been filmed in Glasgow.

The 33-second clip has already been viewed over 100,000 times with over 300 comments and shares.

The man entering the chute.
The man entering the chute.
The man throws his arms up in celebration after reaching the bottom of the chute.
The man throws his arms up in celebration after reaching the bottom of the chute.

It starts with a close up of a man dressed in a Nike tracksuit top who says “bit**es and bottles man”, before turning and manoeuvring himself into the chute.

His movement resembles someone about to go down a slide at a water park as he again shouts “bit**es and bottles” before shuffling out of sight and down the makeshift slide.

The camera then pans over the edge of the scaffolding to show the chute shaking as the man slides down to the skip below.

An unknown voice can be heard breaking into a rendition of the famous song “Stand By Me” as the man emerges at the bottom.

He scrambles his way past a washing machine next to the chute exit before turning and looking back up to the camera with his arms outstretched and shouting, “I f*g made it mate.”

The full length of the chute.
The full length of the chute.

Facebook users were quick to react to the strange footage.

Jen Riach commented: “What people our age do for fun in Scotland.”

Evie Friel wrote: “Welcome to Glasgow.”

Tommy Smith said: “Taking the shortcut home I see.”

Whilst Saul Goode joked: “Maybe he’s feeling down in the dumps today lol.”

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