Labradoodle’s “Justin Timberlake” haircut goes viral


HILARIOUS before and after pictures of a dog’s haircut have gone viral.

The pooch, called Wembley, had his curly coat drastically trimmed, except for “keeping it long on top”.

The result – a bald body and head looking like “Justin Timberlake from the 90s” – has caused an internet sensation.

Owner Lindsay Martin, thought to be from North Carolina, shared the pictures of her radically-shorn Labradoodle.


Wembley before his haircut...
Wembley before his haircut…


She tweeted: “My mum just ruined my dog and she literally said, ‘He wanted to keep it long on the top’. I am devastated.”

Her incredible pictures have been liked and retweeted over 125,000 times on Twitter and one point were even used by the social media giant as one of their ‘moments’.

Yesterday, Wembley’s haircut was still generating a lot of interest on Twitter, with other users comparing the curly cut to Justin Timberlake’s in the late nineties or that of famous American footballer, Odell Beckham Jr.


Wembley after his haircut...
Wembley after his haircut…


Lindsay posted: “My dog and I would appreciate positive feedback only during this emotional time thank you. Wembley is the best dog in the world.”

She also touted her favourite pooch for a spot on the ‘Ellen’ chat show, tweeting: “If my poodle gets 100k retweets you should have him on your show. He’s a huge fan @TheEllenShow.”

In her Twitter bio, she has a link to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and says: “My dog wants you to donate.”


Lindsay couldn't believe her mum had kept it 'long on top'
Lindsay couldn’t believe her mum had kept it ‘long on top’


When some users responded to say that the cut was animal cruelty, Lindsay launched a staunch defence and tweeted: “He has a sweater and we don’t leave our dogs outside – calm down.

“It was funny and I’m not actually upset about it. There are worse things in the world and his hair will grow back.

“It is also not animal abuse to give a dog a haircut, our dogs are treated like royalty.”
Lindsay posted updates yesterday (MON), with new photos of Wembley and his smart new cut.

She wrote: “Update: mum still won’t cut it off.”

In another photo, she acknowledged her pooch’s newfound fame and shared a close-up of Wembley with the caption: “Smiling to his new fans.”

Twitter users were quick to react Wembley’s stylish new trim.

@lil_anal commented: “Haha! What!? I freaking love it! Put a little hat on him I’m begging!”

@cxrlgrimes wrote: “Justin Timberlake looks so good here.”

Whilst @ChillBelichick added: “It’s what is underneath the fur that counts.”

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