School closed after firework set off in toilet activates sprinklers


A SCHOOL has been closed after a firework was detonated in the boys’ toilets, setting off a smoke alarm and activating the sprinkler system.

A video said to have been filmed inside Clydebank High, West Dunbartonshire, shows water dripping from the ceiling.

In a tweet posted by the high school this afternoon it was confirmed that it had “been forced to close following a malicious activation of the sprinkler system”.

A spokeswoman for West Dunbartonshire Council said: “Clydebank High School has been closed and pupils sent home after a smoke alarm and sprinklers were activated within the building.

“All pupils and staff are safe and the Fire Service are currently on site. Any pupil who cannot go home will remain in the care of the school.”

Pupils took to social media to report the incident, with one boy writing: “Someone has set a firework of down one of the toilets on the ground floor and all the toilets exploded and have flooded. The sprinklers on the bottom floor have went of and flooded the bottom floor so they are all getting sent home.”

A female pupil commented: “A firework has been set off in the first floor boys toilet and it has activated the sprinkler system which has flooded areas of the school , all pupils have been sent home and the boy who done it has been caught on cctv”

Other students took to twitter claiming: “Someone threw a firework down a toilet at my school so we all got sent home”

Another said: “When u get sent home from school early because someone set off a firework in the toilets and the place has flooded”

Speculation about the incident was rife among parents.

Clydebank High

Kay Miller Thomson posted on social media: “Clydebank High School on fire, so my youngest says!”

Norma Macaulay posted: “I phoned my son he said someone let of firework in toilet and there was loads of smoke”

Charlene Manderson said: “Banger in toilets might be sending kids home.”

Eliza Roberto replied: “My daughter has texted and it’s not that dramatic but they are being sent home”

Christina Tait said: “Not on fire just a firework tht has caused flooding in part of the school.”

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