“Give me my mum’s vape back!” demands schoolboy seconds after savage beating


A BRUTAL school fight video has gone viral after one of the boys gets up from a savage beating – and asks for his mum’s vape back.

The video, thought to have been filmed near Belmont Academy, South Ayrshire, captures the moment one boy cowers as the other repeatedly punches him in the head.

As the shower of punches eventually ends the boys is able to stand up and chases after his attacker to say: “Give me my vape back, that’s my mum’s.”

The nine-second clip was uploaded to Twitter yesterday with the caption: “Gee me that vape it’s ma mum’s.”


The brutal fight ended in surreal circumstances


Despite only being online for a matter of hours, the clip has been retweeted 2,800 times with a further 4,300 favourites.

The video starts as one boy in a hoody repeatedly punches the other in the head as he tries to bend over for cover.

It has been speculated online that the fight broke out when one of the youngsters threw a tin of baked beans at the other.

The large crowd of youngsters watching can be heard shouting in the background before the attack eventually stops.

It allows the boy to stand up and reposition his schoolbag on his back as laughter can be heard from behind the camera.

He then walks past the camera and appears to follow his attacker as he says: “Here, give me my vape back, that’s my mum’s.”

Twitter users were quick to react to the shocking footage.

Alfie Young wrote: “They were fighting because he flung a tin of beans off his head.”

Arjun Sangwan commented: “Vape life for real.”

Whilst Kieran Makowski added: “Someone needs to stick up for that wee guy.”

Last month, footage thought to have been taken in Glasgow, captured the sickening moment a schoolboy was kicked in the head during a fight.

Crowds gathered around the two boys in a public park before one was forced to the ground and brutally kicked in the face.

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