“#toosexyforthisconfirmation” Controversial Scots actress turns heads in Senate and Oval Office


A CONTROVERSIAL Scots actress is turning heads in the US following appearances in the Senate – and Oval Office.

Louise Linton was at the centre of a storm just eight months ago when she was accused of having a “white saviour complex” after publication of gap year memoirs from Africa.

But after appearing at the confirmation hearing of her fiance as President Trump’s Treasury Secretary she sparked frenzied social media attention, with tweeters using the hashtag #toosexyforthisconfirmation.

And on Monday night, she again turned heads after holding the bible in the Oval Office – just a few feet from the President – as Steve Mnuchin was sworn in to his position.

Linton, from Edinburgh, was struggling to make it as a Hollywood actress when she found herself engulfed in a scandal after publication of her book In Congo’s Shadow, a story of “darkest Africa”.

The book contains a passage in which “armed rebels descended” on her village – entering the country from neighbouring Congo. Linton claimed she was forced to hide from the rebels for fear of being murdered or raped.

But Zambians and UK readers alike took to social media to claim there are inaccuracies in her story – accusing her of having a “white saviour complex”.

But all that seems forgotten after she sat behind her fiance as he was completing his confirmation hearing late last month, with viewers wowed by her appearance.

Susan McCullers wrote on Twitter: “Who’s the pouty blonde sitting behind Mnuchin at his hearing? She’s workin’ it.”

@Rozodru said: “Getting a real Claire Underwood vibe off that blonde woman sitting behind Steven Mnuchin. She’s Hot. Yeah I know.”

@BrunusCutis added: “Does anyone know who the blonde is that’s on the right shoulder of Mnuchin? -asking for a.., me!!”

And the comments have continued coming in this week after her appearance next to Trump and Vice President Mike Pence in the Oval Office for Mnuchin’s swearing in ceremony.

A user known as @Imsiriust wrote: “Congratulations to Secretary Steve Mnuchin on his new job, and his goddess-like fiancée Louise Linton.”

Scott Murphy added: “Congratulations to his 36 yr old fiance Louise Linton 18 years younger model from Scotland. Another model in the Trump family.”

But some were aware of exactly who Linton was, and drew attention to last year’s scandal.

@vgotbeats said: “The guy who’s wife, Louise Linton, a white actress from the UK who went to Africa to write a book about her fears of black people? Treasury?”

@SkippyinZambia added: “The new US Treasury Sec’s fiancee is one Louise Linton. A woman who wrote lying story about living in Zambia with war kids”.

Linton, born in Edinburgh, made her big break in acting when Robert Redford cast her in Lions for Lambs, starring Redford, Tom Cruise and Meryl Streep, in 2007.

Steven Mnuchin served as finance director for President Trump’s campaign and also spent 17 years working at investment firm Goldman Sachs.

His new role will see him head the U.S. Department of the Treasury, which is concerned with financial and monetary matters.

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