Moment motorist helps confused swan that takes to the road


A KIND-hearted motorist spent half an hour saving the life of a swan which was walking in the middle of a busy road.

John Clark called police and SSPCA after spotting the bird but decided to do the job himself and eventually got the swan back to its pond.

Video taken by the 31-year-old shows the confused bird walking along the road in Whitburn, West Lothian, and even trying to take off.

John, from nearby Bathgate, can be heard in the video saying “Go, go, go, over” to the bird, whilst the road is quiet.


The swan caused chaos on the road in Whitburn, West Lothian.


However, the bird turns when it is halfway across the road and begins to flap its wings and move directly towards oncoming vehicles.

Cars slow down and beep their horns as the bird thankfully avoids getting hit by moving to the side of the road.

It then brings traffic to a standstill, as it ambles across the road with John close behind whilst he says: “Come on, over here.”

The bird isn’t listening however, despite John pleading for it to “Go, go, go,” and the footage ends with the bird still standing in the middle of the dangerous road.

Thankfully, John’s efforts paid off and he was eventually able to coax the swan back to its pond without any assistance from experts but says he couldn’t just stand by and let something happen.



Speaking today about his efforts, John said: “I was coming back from my uncle’s in Fauldhouse and I noticed a swan about to come onto the road.

“I slowed down and went down to the mini roundabout, turned and went back up. The swan was still there so I stopped and phoned the SSPCA. They took down my details and said an officer was on way.

“By the time I ended the call the swan was on the middle white line and a build up of traffic was starting. I got out of the car and tried to get it over to the other side which didn’t happen.

“I then phoned the 101 non emergency police number and told them of the same thing and they said they’d send out an officer.”

He continued: “All in all, it took 30 minutes of going up and down the middle of the road and banking to get it back.

“The pond is called the half loaf pond and is a regular with swans. Once I got it back into the entrance to the pond I phoned the SSPCA and police to let them know I managed to get the swan back.

“Both of them thanked me for my efforts. As a human being I couldn’t stand by and let something potentially happen.”

Facebook users praised John for his efforts.

Jane Boyle wrote: “Well done. That was brave.”

Sandy Nunn commented: “Well done you.”

Whilst Julie Willis added: “Well done you, I would of done the same.”

Police confirmed they received a number of calls from the public in relation to a swan on the road and have thanked all of those who attempted to assist the bird.

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