Farm labourer gets stroppy Scottish cows to form an orderly Q

A FARM labourer has snapped a remarkable photo of a herd of normally stroppy Scottish cows forming an orderly “Q”.
Sam Smerdon helps look after the Belted Galloways which are known for their white stripe markings and bad temper.
But when the herd of “belties” formed up around a trough to eat recently they created a near-perfect letter Q.
The chance coordination
 Sam, 31, from Tavistock, Dartmoor, shared the picture online earlier this week with the caption “Beltie cirle!”
Sam said: “I had just put their feed in one of the feeders.
“When I came back with second bag of feed for the other feeder they had crammed themselves around the first one and fitted almost perfectly.”
Sam takes a selfie with his herd
Eileen Dorman wrote: “That’s clever!”
Joanne Lake said: “Brilliant. I love it.”
Maureen Flaherty commented: “I’m sure there’s a panda in there somewhere…”
Belted Galloways, which originate from Galloway in south west Scotland, are bred for their outstanding and high quality meat.

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