Freerunner goes viral with sensational tribute to Trainspotting’s opening scene

A SCOTTISH free runner has become an internet sensation after giving Trainspotting’s iconic opening scene his own unique twist.
Robbie Griffith, 16, filmed himself sprinting down Edinburgh’s Princes Street just as Renton and Spud did in the 1996 cult classic.
The incredible footage shows the young parkour star jumping over fences and bollards around famous city landmarks including the Royal Mile and Edinburgh Castle.
The video even ends in a similar fashion to the original film, with Robbie smashing into a black car before providing his own twist as he gets back up and performs a stunning back flip over it.
The recording was created to promote the free running sport and even uses the famous “Choose Life” monologue set over Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life.
Robbie uploaded the footage to Facebook on Monday with the caption: “Choose Life.
Choose Parkour. A freerunner’s take on the opening scene from the original Trainspotting.”
The video starts as Robbie runs down Princes Street with the monologue starts: “
“Choose life. Choose a sport. Choose an interest. Choose a community. Choose to channel a vision.
“Choose Puma Futures, chalk, a basic camera and new jogging bottoms.”
The footage then moves on to the Royal Mile as Robbie leaps down bollards whilst the monologue continues: ““Choose good health, low cholesterol and personal wellbeing.
“Choose a sense of self-worth. Choose a starting place. Choose your friends. Choose to defy Newton’s laws of motion.
“Choose to be breathless tackling the obstacles that stand before you. Choose freedom.
“Choose to travel, explore, create new experiences.”
He performs a series of stunning jumps across buildings and steps as the monologue ends: ““Choose a mind stimulating, physically strengthening pursuit that gets your heart pumping like never before.
“Choose your future. Choose life. And why wouldn’t I want to do a thing like that.”
The clip ends in the same was as the film, with Robbie hitting a black car as he runs down a hill, however, the the footage rewinds and he runs down again, performing a backflip over the car, to the astonishment of its driver.
The clip was filmed by student Johnstone Macpherson-Stewart, 20, who said: “The idea was that it’d just be cool to shine a light on parkour using the Trainspotting scene.
“We shot some of it early at the weekend there. The opening shot was the hardest because I had to run behind him.
“We certainly didn’t expect this reaction or such a response on social media.”
Facebook users were quick to react to the amazing footage.
Mairi Elizabeth wrote: “Wow, so good.”
Ruth Laidlaw commented: “Enjoy the views of home.”
Whilst Gemma Hamilton added: “Hardcore parkour.”

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