Celtic stars ticked off for video selfie at wheel following Old Firm win


CELTIC stars have been accused of setting a poor road safety example after making a video selfie while driving.

Celtic skipper Scott Brown appears not to be wearing a seat belt while team mate and driver Liam Henderson takes a hand off the steering wheel to pump the air.

The pair, who appear to be on a dual carriageway, are believed to have filmed the clip on Saturday afternoon following their victory over Rangers.

Road safety experts criticised the Parkhead pair for “silly” behaviour and claimed it set a poor example of driving behaviour to their young fans.

The video, which was posted to social media, has since been deleted.

Brown is in the front passenger seat holding the camera while loud music is playing in the background. There is no sign of a diagonal seat belt strap across Brown’s chest.

Henderson, who signed for the Glasgow side in 2008 as a youth player, takes his eyes off the road several times to look at the camera and then pumps his fist in the air and cheers.

Neil Greig, director of policy and reasearch for road safety charity IAM Roadsmart said: “This is clearly rather silly behaviour but as its unclear where the shots were taken its hard to know if it was actually illegal.

“Footballers such as Scott Brown are admired by many and should always try to set a good example.”

Scott Brown looking into the camera

The video was obtained by road safety campaigners Scotland’s Worst Drivers and posted to their website.

@esta_x wrote: “Some driving there – keep your eyes on the road.”

@bigerniemc wrote: “Hope Scott’s wearing a seatbelt.”

The two players were apparently travelling home after their record win over their Ibrox rivals.

The pair are known for regularly travelling to Parkhead together for training.

In 2009, Brown avoided a speeding charge because an officer’s radar gun was not properly calibrated. Brown had been accused of travelling at 83mph in his Porsche 911 on the M876.

The AA also criticised the pair, saying that Brown, as Scotland captain from 2013-2016, should have set a better example.

A spokesman said: “Both Brown and Henderson should know better.

“It may only be a 10 second distraction, but it can only take one second for an incident to happen.

“As captain of both Celtic and Scotland, Brown has to lead by example and he will be disappointed with his performance here.

“Getting one over your rivals is worth celebrating, but it’s best to do so once your parked up.”

The video was uploaded onto Scott Brown’s Instagram account before being deleted.

A spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers said: “Taking your eyes of the road, for a selfie or video is stupid, especially at high speed on a motorway.

“To not wear a seatbelt is not only an offence but if involved in an accident, your chance of survival are decreased.”

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