Gorgeous moment alert motorists saves a huge family of baby pheasants


A HEART-warming video shows the moment an eagle-eyed motorist emergency braked to save the lives of at least 17 day-old pheasants.

Chris Cogan was travelling at about 50mph on an empty Highland road but spotted the family crossing just in time to stop a few feet away.

His dashcam then caught the remarkable scene as the mother led her enormous brood to safety.

The comical clip shows the gorgeous chicks emerge one after another in a seemingly endless stream and tentatively make their way in front of Chris’s vehicle and across the opposite lane.

At the very end of the clip, a tiny straggler can be glimpsed emerging from the grass on the left hand side of the road and chasing after mum.

The remarkable footage, filmed near the village of Rogart, Sutherland, was posted with the caption: “Nearly wiped up a huge family of pheasants.”

Chris added: “Lucky I spotted her, with her day-old chicks. Stopped the traffic before gathering up the ones who run back into the grass verge and put them with the hen.

“I got them all safely into the field.”

At the start of the footage Chris can be seen travelling at around 50mph along the carriageway when he suddenly stops his car.

The well-camouflaged bouquet of pheasants are almost invisible on the footage but the eagle eyed driver manages to stop just in time.

Stopping the traffic behind him, Chris can be heard coaxing the birds across the road with his hazards ticking in the background.

Remarkably all of the small chicks, along with their mother make it to the other side unharmed and still in one piece with a little help from the patient local.

The tan and black birds then disappear into the field with the hen keeping a close watch over them.

A HEART-warming video shows the moment a motorist emergency braked to save the lives of at least 17 day-old pheasants.

Chris said: “Lucky my observation whilst driving is good.

“It also helps it’s near home so I’m aware of the wildlife. I only spotted the hen, then the wee line of chicks.

“After five mins, I’d made sure all the stragglers where back next to the hen.

“They fitted into my closed hand. They are stripped like tigers, so they camouflage really well in the long grass.

“You’ll have to look carefully but you’ll see the chicks dotted around”

So far Chris’ video has been viewed by almost 9000 Facebook users with many commenting on his heroic actions.

Stuart Kenneth Burnett wrote: “Well done for spotting them.”

Gayle Beck said: “Awesome reflexes to get stopped & filming so quickly!”

Chloe Cunningham commented: “Well done for spotting and reacting the amount I’ve seen dead of late on roads is so sad!”

Davie Kerr said: “Pheasants are not the most intelligent of birds!”

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