A man walks in to a pub…wall. Hilarious moment “steaming” drinker misses bar door


THE moment a “steaming” drinker misses a pub door and painfully smacks into the wall has been captured on CCTV.

Footage from Edinburgh shows the man purposefully striding towards the bar and thudding face-first into the brickwork.

Stunned, he takes a few steps before doubling over in pain.

Staff at the Harp and Castle in Leith Walk heard the impact from inside the premises and, on checking, were told by the man that he had been “out for three days”.


The man hilariously walked straight into the wall rather than the door


The bar posted the wince-inducing footage online with the caption: “Should have gone to @Specsavers #missedthedoor #hitthewall #ouch.”

The 12-second clip was filmed yesterday evening and starts as walks with his hands in his pockets towards the pub.

Walking at a brisk pace he continues, as if about to go through the door, however, he clatters – nose first – straight into the green wall of the pub.

He staggers back from the wall before holding his right hand to his face in pain.

He then hunches over and holds both hands to his face, clearly shocked after his altercation with the brickwork.

A spokesman for the Harp and Castle pub said: “I could see him walking down the street and he looked steaming and I was thinking, ‘Please don’t come in’.



“I was getting ready to do ‘a not today pal’ speech then there was a thud like a bird flying into a window. He walked away laughing and shaking his head to himself.”

“I went outside when it happened. He was walking down the street then turned and came back and said ‘Did I just walk into that wall?’

“He said he’d been out for three days and he should probably just go home. He asked if he had a mark of his face, we told him he didn’t then he went off on his merry way.

Twitter users have been quick to react to the comedy clip.

Michael Gallacher joked: “Where there’s blame, there’s a claim.”

Mikey commented: “Magic.”

Whilst Moz added: “Name and shame.”

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