Moment drinker falls for bar stool prank but saves beer


CCTV has captured the moment a Scot crashes to the floor following a bar stool prank – and manages not to spill a drop of his £1.20 beer.
The clip, filmed in Glasgow city centre, shows the drinker using cat-like reflexes to save his bottle of Fosters rather than himself.
Happily, the mystery man escaped uninjured, forgave his pals, and allowed the Driftwood bar to share the footage online.
The clip, filmed yesterday (mon), shows the man pulling out a stool to take a seat at the bar.
But his friend kicks his foot out to move the stool and the man stumbles backwards.
Instead of throwing his arms out to catch himself he clings on to his Fosters crashes in to stools and a table with the precious bottle held aloft.


The unidentified Scot managed to hold on to his beer without spilling a drop – despite crashing into tables and stools

Shaun Patrick Murphy, 24, assistant manager at Driftwood bar, posted the clip with the caption: “Guy’s pal couldn’t have timed this any better.”
He added: “When you’re in Driftwood and your pal thinks it’s hilarious to kick your chair. Luckily he saw the funny side and let us share it.”
Shaun said today (Tuesday): “He managed to hold onto his beer the whole time and didn’t spill any of it.
“He didn’t hurt himself and was just embarrassed as you can imagine.
“The guy that kicked his seat away was one of his pals, they were just joking around.
“They hugged and made up after it.”

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