Diner ridiculed online after leaving restaurant a negative review


AN ANGRY diner who claimed he ate at the “worst bar in Glasgow” on TripAdvisor has been branded a “prize pr**k” on the internet after his review spectacularly backfired.

Paddy McAvoy took to the review site last week to moan after he was refused service at Bloc bar in Glasgow until he was polite and said please to staff.

The 28-year-old, who is also from Glasgow, said the popular pub grub was “only okay” if you had been drinking pints beforehand.

Paddy referred to his meal as being a “tony piece with a lump of fat” which he added makes a cracking meal to take home to his dog at home.

He then referred to staff as being “terrible and angry” and got personal on the rock bars manager saying she “looked like she lived under the bridge”.

But the bar’s polite and patient response has attracted support from over one hundred Facebook users with one telling Paddy to “use a cactus as a space hopper” and another calling him a “bawbag”.

Unimpressed Paddy’s original review, titled “attitude problem” read: ““If I’m honest the food is ‘ok’ but only if u drink a couple of their flat pints first.

“I ordered the steak and i did get a tony piece with the lump of fat i got served.

“I went to the bar to order a pint and never got served until i said ‘please ‘ – I’m 28 years not 28 months.

“Also my friends got ordered off of the table because the food was finished and they didn’t have space for people only drinking when they needed the tables for food.

“We were ordered to stand at the bar only to be told we were clogging the place up and then told to leave.

“I’m laughing typing this as i am so confused as to how the place was so busy with such terrible, angry staff.

“I asked to speak to the manager who spoke and looked like she lived under a bridge.

“Worst bar in Glasgow. But a cracking bit if u order the steak ul get a cracking bit of fat for the dug when u get home.”

Bloc’s public relations manager responded writing: “Having spoken to our staff and watched CCTV we remember the day well.

“Let’s start with the “flat pints”, our beer selection is pulled through the taps each morning and checked that it is “tap kwality”.

“On the day you mentioned, we had no other complaints about the beer being flat, in fact, we had compliments.

“Let’s move onto the steak. The steak you were served is the same 6oz sirloin that we use on our main meal

“Trash Steak” which is one of our top sellers in Bloc. The ratio of fat to meat is in favour of the meat and when you say “tony” we assume you mean “tiny”.

“Size is a subjective thing and it is encouraging that you think something of a decent size points more towards the smaller end of the scale.

“Furthermore, on the day, your party advised that the food was good and you enjoyed it.
“Your next point regarding saying the word “please” is an interesting one.

“It’s disappointing that you don’t feel you need to be polite when requesting something.

“If you speak to most people, if not all in hospitality, then indeed the customer service industry, you will find that everyone likes to hear the words “please” and “thank you”.

“It’s this revolutionary thing called manners and has been around for quite some time. You should try it.”

Bloc went on to detail how busy Steak Wednesday’s are and revealed how they let Paddy and his friends stay at the in-demand table for around two hours.

They added: “As for you comment on our staff member’s appearance Paddy, anyone seeing your comment or reading your review will be able to tell more about you as a person than our manager. Take care.”

Bloc shared a link to the review on their Facebook page prompting hundreds of comments – with many mocking Paddy’s “tony” instead of “tiny” typo.

Dan Vine said: “You know how you always go into reading someone’s Trip Advisor with an open mind and then you read an absolute nugget of pure undiluted c**t-talk like that.

“To be fair, the t**t does make clear he’s got an attitude problem in the title I guess.

“And I don’t want to be rude about Glasgow if cannibalism is an ancient tradition up there, but in these days of Veganism being popular, do you think it’s wise to be serving up a piece of Tony? What does Tony’s family have to say about this?”

Callum Davidson wrote: “‘Attitude problem’ – Self titled piece is it?

Kevin Robertson said: “I’m thinking Paddy is a bawbag.”

Kristopher Gallagher wrote: “Sometimes you just need to tell a customer to go use a cactus as a space hopper.”

And Victoria Morgan said: “Paddy sounds like a prize p***k.”