Gerard Butler recorded wedding day video for man whose life he saved


SCOTS movie star Gerard Butler has revealed that he “spoke” at the wedding of man he saved from drowning in a river 20 years ago.

Recording a video speech for the big day, the Hollywood actor also admitted it took five takes before sent off the final version.

The 47 year-old had just starred in his movie debut alongside Billy Connolly in Mrs Brown when he became a real-life hero.

Gerard Butler to star in the gripping film Geostorm. Credit Gordon Correll

Butler was having a picnic with his mum at Taymouth Castle in Perthshire when he dived into the River Tay to rescue 14 year-old Daniel Smith in 1997.

Diving into the water, he pulled the youngster from the water and a Spanish tourist administered artificial respiration until the emergency services arrived.

The Scottish star kept in touch with Daniel and revealed during a promotional interview for his new natural disaster movie Geostorm that he spoke at his wedding over a year ago.

Butler was asked by the best man to record a video speech for the wedding, but it took the actor five takes to get it right.

He said: “I’m such a perfectionist that I did five speeches — funny ones, moving ones and they were quite dirty at points.

“I said, ‘I feel like I’ve been there at all the most important moments of your life: I was there the day you almost drowned and now I’m here for your wedding’.

“It was lovely and kind of taking things full circle, to do that for his wedding.”

Paisley born Butler even received an award for bravery by the Royal Humane Society but shirked away from being called a hero.

Speaking at the time of the incident, the then 26 year-old said: “I wouldn’t call myself a hero. I just acted instinctively. When I brought him out he was lifeless. I’m just glad he’s alright now.”

In his latest blockbuster, Butler plays satellite designer Jake Lawson in apocalyptic thriller Geostorm.

The Scotsman had a near-drowning experience of his own in 2011 whilst filming the outdoor adventure flick Chasing Mavericks.

Butler was seriously injured when he was “wiped out” by wave, trapping beneath the water for almost a minute.


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  1. Have followed Gerry’s career since he first started acting and m a huge fan. He is a caring, generous person and his behavior the day he saved this young man does not surprise me. It is just who Gerry is. What a wonderful thing it must be for him to see this young man grow, mature, and get married, knowing he helped that to happen – opportunities the young man would not have had if it wasn’t for Gerry. That day Gerry was that man’s guardian angel. In turn, when he was in harm’s way, his guardian angel was there for him. Things come full circle.

    I wish the best for both of them. God Bless them.

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