Still Game fight teacher allowed to remain in profession


A PHYSICS teacher who permanently disfigured a fellow reveller at a Still Game live show has been allowed to stay on the teaching register.

Calum MacLennan left a 24-year-old man scarred for life after kicking him in the head during a matinee show at the SSE Hydro in Glasgow in February this year.

The altercation erupted after the victim, who was sitting directly in front of Mr MacLennan, accused the 36-year-old teacher of spilling a drink on him.

Mr MacLennan, who had been drinking at the time, then kicked the man on the head causing him to fall back and hit his head off a metal railing.

The victim was left with a gaping wound and taken to the Queen Elizabeth University hospital where he needed five stitches.

Hydro security staff had to restrain Mr MacLennan, who was attending the gig with his pregnant wife and friends, before handing him over to police.

He was later charged with assault and pled guilty and given a £200 fine and ordered to pay his victim £300 in compensation.

At the time Mr MacLennan was demoted from principal teacher to a support for learning teacher at a South Lanarkshire high school, believed to be Carluke, following an internal investigation.

Documents, released last night (MON), reveal how Mr MacLennan agreed to a reprimand with consent order from the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) which will stay on his record for 12 months.

Calum Maclennan is believed to be a teacher at Carluke High School in South Lanarkshire

During the hearing, the panel stated: “Mr MacLennan, had attended a live recording of the TV comedy show “Still Game” at the Hydro on 4 February 2017 in the company of his wife and friends.

“During the show he had become engaged in an altercation with a male sitting directly in front of him who accused Mr MacLennan of spilling drink on him during the performance.

“Matters escalated to the point where other persons in the company of the complainer also became involved in threatening Mr MacLennan and intimidating his wife and friends.

“Fearing he was going to be assaulted Mr MacLennan kicked out at the complainer, striking him on his head.

“Mr MacLennan had been drinking which affected his judgement at the time

“As a result, the complainer fell backwards and in doing so struck his head on a railing resulting in him sustaining a laceration that required his attendance at hospital where five stitches were inserted to the wound.

“Following the incident Mr MacLennan was restrained by security staff. The police were called and Mr MacLennan was arrested and subsequently charged with assault of the complainer.

“When the matter ultimately called in court Mr MacLennan pled guilty to the charge and was dealt with by way of monetary penalty as indicated in the extract conviction.

“Since the incident Mr MacLennan has been the subject of an internal disciplinary investigation and hearing with his employer following which he was demoted from his position of Principal Teacher.

“He co-operated fully with the investigation and showed remorse for his behaviour.

“He has also engaged with GTCS following the referral and has provided full written responses in which he has set out his position both at the time of the incident and since.

He has provided a large number of positive references and testimonials from professional colleagues and family friends.”

Mr MacLennan agreed to a reprimand order with consent from the GTCS

On the day of the incident fellow Still Game fans took to social media to post about the incident.

Stuart Fraser wrote: “Only in Glasgow two c**** would start knocking lumps out each other on the top tier of the Hydro midway through Still Game”.

Baile Udain Ruadh said: “Weegies boxing at Still Game in the Hydro. You can’t take poor folk anywhere.”

Darren Connell wrote: “Still game was awesome tonight, the drunk midget fight at the back didn’t even ruin it.”

Ewan Shankland said: “Was at Still Game today and there was a fight in the second tier during show! Unbelievable Jeff but what a show”.

And another Twitter user, known as Rachael, wrote: “Fight broke out at Still Game. Gavs holding a guy back, security run in and I’m sitting applauding Winston and the troops for a great performance.”

Last month the secondary year teacher signed a reprimand consent order, stating: “I, Calum MacLennan, declare that I admit the below allegation in full;

“‘On 23 June 2017 at Glasgow and Strathkelvin Sheriff Court, you were convicted of the following offence:

“On 2 February 2017 at SSE Hydro, Exhibition Way, Glasgow, you did assault…..and you did kick him on the head to his injury and permanent disfigurement.

“And on 23 June 2017 you were sentenced to a fine of £200 and a compensation order of £300.’

“I waive my right to further adjudication proceedings.”

On agreeing to issue a reprimand, the panel concluded: “The matter could be appropriately dealt with by the issue of a reprimand with consent order for a period of twelve months.

In reaching this decision the Panel concluded that no harm had been caused to a pupil or child and the matter has been admitted by Mr MacLennan.

“It was an isolated incident in an otherwise unblemished teaching career, there was substantial provocation and there has been no repetition since the incident and the likelihood of repetition is extremely low.

“Mr MacLennan has shown genuine insight and remorse into his behaviour. The panel further determined that the public interest was also served by an otherwise good and competent teacher remaining on the register.”

Tony McDaid, Executive Director of South Lanarkshire Council Education Resources, said today (TUE) “We are aware of and have noted the GTCS hearing outcome.”

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