Alistair Campbell boasts he wore “F*** Brexit” hoodie during BBC interview


ALASTAIR Campbell has revealed that he wore a “F*** Brexit” hoodie while doing an interview for the BBC.

Tony Blair’s former spin doctor boasted in a tweet that the ruse had helped get him round the corporation’s ban on interviewees wearing clothing bearing slogans.

Alongside a photo of himself, Campbell tweeted: “About to do @BBCWorldTonight on Brexit. Great thing about radio car is I can get round BBC clothing slogan rules.”

The slogan on his top references Theresa May’s car crash Tory Conference speech with some letters out-of-line or missing altogether.

David Snow was among those to attack Campbell, writing: “Perfect attire for a potty mouthed fella like yourself. I’m sure the BBC licence payers are delighted with what they get for their money.”

Mark Thomas said: “Must remember to put my hand in a jar of angry bees rather than listen to you.”

An account named British Observer said: “It should read ‘I’m a f****** c***.”

And Mark Conroy wrote: “All this TV work very profitable for you when you should, by rights, be stitching Mail sacks in Belmarsh for 50p a day. #ArrestCampbell.”

Others threw their support behind Campbell.

Ali Woodlands said: “Great. Keep doing the interviews. We need you. Fab sweater.”

Pauline Uist said: “Where can I get that hoodie? It is awesome.”

Kevin Devlin added: “Nice job tonight – good to hear clear considered thoughts on this total disaster.”

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