Video captures the painful moment two people slip trying to snap piece of wood


A HILARIOUS video has captured the moment two people slip and fall after trying to jump on a plank of wood to split it in two.

The CCTV footage shows the man and woman jumping on the block of wood hoping to break it but instead the duo slip and land painfully on their backs.

The comical moment happened in Farnworth, Greater Manchester, last month outside the Church Hotel.

Bartender at the hotel Gabriella Magari and pub regualr Kevin Motershead were attempting to snap the work-surface on the edge of the pavement.

However, after leaping on top of the sloping piece of wood the pair lose their footing and hit the pavement hard.

Gabriella Magari, 25, posted the video on social media last week where it has gone viral, attracting more than 450,000 views.

According to the bartender, the aim of the task was to provide fuel for the fire inside the hotel.

In the short 30 second clip, Kevin can be seen snapping a smaller piece of wood on his own.

He then lines up the larger plank, resting one end on the road and the other elevated on the pavement.

Preparing the jump, Kevin can be seen holding onto a railing as Gabriella appears to take a small run-up.

On impact they both immediately slipped and land painfully on their backs with Gabriella appearing to lose a shoe.

According to Gabriella, they both escaped serious injury. She said: “I was working on the bar and we have a fire burner so instead of taking my old desk to the tip I decided to break it up and use it as firewood.

“The top of the desk, which is what we try to jump on, is very thick which is why I asked Kev to jump on it with me.”

She continued, “He swore it was too thick but I was adamant if we jumped together we could snap it none of this would have happened if I could find the axe but I couldn’t.”

“I bruised all my hand and elbow. I assume Kev hurt himself because, unlike me who was practically laughing before I hit the floor, he did not look impressed.

“But that’s a typical bloke who won’t admit when he’s hurt. Which made it even funnier.”

Currently the clip has received over 2,700 likes and nearly 4,000 shares with thousands of viewers commenting.

Roisin Ellen McCusker posted: “This is like something out of Home Alone Gabs I can’t stop laughing.”

Becca Dorson wrote: “So in sync when they fall.”

Roy Lehman said: “Best vid I’ve watched in 2018 so far.”

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