Amazon packaging fills an entire recycling bin – for two pillows


AN exasperated mum has filled her entire recycling bin with Amazon packaging – used to “protect” pillows.

An amazing video shows Alix (corr) Pearson removing reels of protective paper from a large cardboard box to reveal the two £6 Slumberdown products, which are already encased in plastic.

The 24-year-old is furious at the online retailer because the unnecessary packaging has completely filled her recycling bin, which is not due to be collected for another week and a half.

Alix, from Thetford, Norfolk, said the only upside was that the packaging gave her daughter, Bella, one, hours of fun before it went in the bin.

Amazed that Amazon would go to such lengths to apparently stop pillows breaking, she took them to task on social media.

“Thank you for delivering my parcel safely and quicker than expected,” she wrote. “But I have to say, is this level of packaging really necessary?

“My front room is now filled up with brown paper and a huge box.”

Speaking today (thur), Alix said: “I received the order yesterday by courier. I just thought it was so unnecessary, with all the recycling nowadays, It was just so extreme.

“My recycling bin is full now from one package and the bin doesn’t get collected for another week and a half.

“It’s completely ridiculous. And why was the box so huge too?! Still, my 1 year old daughter had a field day!”

The ridiculous packaging fail comes just months after customers accused Amazon of “chopping down the rainforest” after using 45 feet of paper to protect a wall calendar.

Last year, another customer was left confused after after the online giant delivered a roll of bubble wrap in a large box – encased with 100ft of brown paper.

Bizarrely, the rules on packaging seem to be blurred as last Christmas they were accused of ruining Christmas by furious parents after delivering presents without any packaging at all.

Children ended up seeing presents as couriers came to the door to make deliveries.

Amazon previously stated that they are pursuing a multi-year waste reduction initiative to promote 100 percent recyclable packaging and will ship items to customers in their own packages without additional boxes.

Alix and Bella

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