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7 Signs That You Need a New Car


Whenever we purchase a car, we expect it to be fully functioning and to last for many years. However, there are a variety of problems that can end up damaging your car, and leave you needing to replace it. Here are some of the most telling signs that you need a new car.

Breaking Down

While a car can break down regardless of age or model, it is important to recognise whether your car needs a repair or a replacement altogether. The sole purpose of your car is to get you from place A to place B. It is important to pick a car that is suited to you and has a low risk of breaking down. If your car is continuously breaking down, keep a log diary to note down when it occurs so you can get a better idea on whether a new car is the right route for you.

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Check Engine Light

The purpose of your check engine light is to notify you of any repairs that need to be made. When your check engine light comes on, it is vital that you do not ignore it. If you choose to carry on running your car, your check engine light is unable to warn you should more serious problems arise. It is best to address the issue sooner rather than later to avoid any further problems or irreparable damage. Also, you can face a fine for ignoring your check engine light so ensure you pay attention and take the right steps.

Age of Car

The longer you have your car, the more chance there is of it breaking down. The brand and model of your car can determine the overall lifespan, so it is important that you do as much research as you can before purchasing a car. With technology constantly evolving, cars are equipped with the latest mod cons to give maximum control and comfort when driving. If your car is an older model, it is likely to not have as many modern features which can make a significant difference to your overall experience. Taking good care of your car will enable you to spot any problems straight away.

Cost of Repairs

If you are having to make frequent repairs to your car, it can become costly over time and end up exceeding the original value of your vehicle. It is important to know when to let go to save you time, patience and money. Trying to maintain your car can be doing you more harm than good so it is advised to speak to a mechanic who will be able to give you the help you need.

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Time for a Change

Getting a new car doesn’t always necessarily mean that your old one is in bad nick. It can be natural for owners to move onto a new vehicle for all sorts of reasons such as a lifestyle change or needing more space. However, make sure that you thoroughly investigate your next vehicle, ensuring you are getting good value for money and that it has all the features you want.

Price Increases

With the cost of petrol ever rising, the type of car you own can be swallowing up more money than needed. Cars that have a lower mpg and bad fuel efficiency are quicker at using petrol which ends up becoming costly. If you are having to refuel more than you deem normal, it may be time for you to purchase a new car.

Staying Safe

The most important factor of driving is staying safe when on the road. If you are experiencing problems with your car, it is vital that you seek out the problem as soon as possible. Those who ignore warning signs can be putting themselves, their passengers and other drivers at risk. It is important to feel confident and in control when driving so if you are in any doubt, make sure you consult a mechanic who will be able to fix any issues or give you guidance on what to do next.

Scrap and Sell

If you have made the decision to replace your car, there are a variety of options available for your previous vehicle. Depending on the condition of your car, you may be able to sell it second hand or on a car sales website. However, if it is beyond repair and not fit for the road, there is the option to scrap your car. Websites like Scrap Car Network can give you more information about how to scrap a car and give you the best quote possible.

If you would like more information on how you can go about purchasing a new car or need advice on your existing car, there are plenty of online websites available for you to look at, so you can receive all the relevant guidance and help you need.

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