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What to Look for in The Best Pillow For a Great Night’s Sleep


Do you ever wake up with incredibly stiff and sore muscles? Your neck is tight, shoulders ache and upper back are sore. Chances are your pillow is the culprit.

Your pillow is a significant factor in the type of sleep you get. A properly structured pillow suited to your sleeping style will help get you the best sleep to recharge for the day. The wrong pillow and you may have troubles sleeping and a lot of discomfort.

It is recommended that you change your pillow no more than two years between uses. So is it time to change yours? Here are a few pointers to help you find the perfect pillow for your best sleep ever.

Consider How You Sleep

Pillows are not all built the same. Depending on the position you sleep will determine the type of pillow and how firm it should be.

Side Sleepers: You’ll want something firm to fill the gap between your shoulders and ears when you are on your side. Complement this pillow with a conforming side sleeping mattress for the best snooze.

Back Sleepers: A thinner pillow is recommended with extra cushion in the bottom part to help cradle the neck, but not push it too far up.

Stomach Sleepers: You need something very thin, or no pillow at all.

What is the Pillow Made Of?

Pillows come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Quite commonly the filling in a pillow is down feathers, synthetic and memory foam. Latex pillows have become more and more popular since they are suitable for those who suffer from allergies. A latex pillow won’t hold in dust mites and dissipate heat and moisture. These pillows then are mold resistant and repel allergens, again making them suitable for allergy suffers.

The fluffier a pillow is, means more support and cushion. If you have a pillow that is flat and lifeless, it cannot hold in the air anymore and will not provide the support your head needs. On the other hand, a fluffy pillow indicates lots of airflow through and more cushioning. A good test to do to see how much life your pillow has by squeezing it. If it goes back to its original shape, it should still work. If it doesn’t go back, it’s a sign for a new pillow.

Read the Reviews and Test it Out

A pillow is not something you just randomly grab from the department store. You spend a lot of time on one, so you want to ensure it is not only the right fit for you, but it will also last. Don’t rely on just the price. An expensive pillow doesn’t mean the best one for you.

If possible, test the pillow out at the store. If there are beds around, lie down with the pillow and see how it feels. You can also put the pillow against the wall to mimic your sleeping position. You may not be able to notice, but someone else will be able to see if the pillow aligns your neck and spine.

See what other people say about the pillows. Reviews can be beneficial when making a decision. If a pillow has more negative reviews than positive reviews, that should be telling you something.

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