Baffled bar staff release CCTV footage of bizarre cigarette bucket heist


BAFFLED bar staff have released CCTV footage of the bizarre moment a thief stole their cigarette bucket.

The culprit is seen stopping his Vauxhall Astra outside the pub at half-past midnight and lifting the stub-filled bucket into his car.

The theft has completely mystified staff at Deans’ Bar in Hawick, Scottish Borders, as well as the thousands of people who have watched the footage online.

Owner Mark Deans has offered the manky thief an amnesty, suggesting that if he returns the bucket he’ll buy him a packet of cigarettes.

Posting the footage to the bar’s Facebook page, Mark captioned it: “So some lovely person has stolen the fag bucket from the front of bar. Feel free to share folks.”

With the time showing half past midnight, the clip shows the car reversing up outside the front of the pub and the man, who appears to be bald and wearing casual clothing and trainers, gets out.

He walks on to the pavement before reaching back to open up the back door on the driver’s side, before going straight for the bucket.

He picks it up and quickly loads it into the back seat before driving off. The video stops to zoom in on the registration number but it is unclear.

Speaking over it, Mark says: “So this guy has decided to steal my fag bucket from the front of the pub. Feel free to name and shame.”

Social media users reacted with disbelief.

Steven Sharkey said: “Seen a lot of mental stuff in my life but this is up there. Be smoking aw the fag ends the night.”

Brodie Deans said: “What a loser.”

Ashleigh McLean said: “Wow what a clown.”

Steve Watson said: “Maybe he wanted the fag ends in the bucket to make a few roll ups. The bucket may return but empty. Desperate b****** whoever it is.”

Kirsten Lindores added: “Oh my god, but seriously this is sad.”

Speaking today (FRI), Mark said: “I think it’s pretty sad if you’re stealing a fag bucket. If he returns the bucket I’ll buy him a packet of cigarettes.

“I think it’s just been somebody that’s pretty desperate. It’s just a metal bucket with sand and fag ends.”

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