Angry Sainsbury’s customer posts pics of “fully loaded” pulled pork pizza – with 2 tiny bits of meat


A HUNGRY Sainsbury’s customer has posted a picture of his “Fully Loaded” pulled pork pizza – showing two tiny pieces of meat and a slither of veg.

Richard Hogg branded the product an “absolute joke” after buying it from the Sainsbury’s store on Riverside Road in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear on Tuesday.

The supermarket advertises the “Fully Loaded BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza” as coming “loaded” with BBQ sauce, pulled pork, green peppers and onions.

Instead Richard opened the box to find a sealed up pizza with just a scatter of red onion and peppers – that barely covered half the base.

The pizza, which costs £2, also lacked the abundance of pulled pork which was promised and Richard only managed to dig out two miniscule pieces of meat.

Richard branded the pizza an “absolute joke”

Richard complained to Sainsbury’s Facebook page, writing: “Absolute joke! Fully loaded?! With what?! Vegetables?! There are 2 small bits of pork on there and the rest is onions and peppers.”

One photograph shows the cardboard pizza box with an image of two delicious, pizza slices which are full of pulled pork, sliced peppers and red onion.

Sainsbury’s apologised to Richard and offered him a gift card

Then another two images show what lurks beneath the sealed up box – an unsatisfyingly sparse pizza.

A handful of peppers and red onion can be seen lying on top of the cheese and tomato base – with no meat in visible sight.

Sainsbury’s replied to the post to apologise and offered Richard a gift card.

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